Fully Booked: Spa Services - Part 1
Fully Booked: Spa Services - Part 2

Lomi Lomi Massage


Heaven on Earth in Honolulu, Hawaii
What's needed: special blend of oils derived from Hawaiian plants and herbs
Product cost: $10
Who performs: massage therapist certified in Lomi Lomi technique
Rebook: two to three weeks
Price: $118 for 80 minutes
Description: "The Lomi Lomi massage is a beloved Hawaiian tradition that works the muscles with continuous, flowing strokes encouraging the recipient to relax. Thus, the Lomi Lomi is intended not to be just a physical experience, but also to facilitate overall healing. The Hawaiian view is that the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual are all part of the whole self. When something happens on one level, all levels are affected."
How they market it: "Because therapists have to achieve our fourth level before they can perform this service, it has a premium price. That pride and the premium price motivates the therapists to sell it to their clients," says Ben Costa, spa director. The spa encourages repeat visits by offering clients the opportunity to purchase a series of six for a 10-percent discount.
Expert tip: "If you want to offer Lomi Lomi, you need to respect the quality of the certification and learn from one of the Hawaiian teachers who offer it through workshops that certify technicians," says Costa.

Journey to Eden

Spa: Contour Day Spa in Plantation, Florida
What's needed: Dead Sea salts, aromatherapy oils, shampoo, and conditioner.
Product cost: minimal
Who performs: technician licensed in body wrapping treatments and certified in reflexology
Rebook: once a month
Price: $130 including lunch
Description: "Start with the ancient treatment of hand and foot reflexology, which creates a healthy balance through enhancing circulation to the corresponding organs and meridians. As circulation is increased, the body's internal harmony is restored as tension and stress melt away. Then soak in a hydrotherapy bath with mineral salts and exotic aromatherapy oils. As you relax in the tub, you will experience a neck, shoulder and scalp therapy treatment for total renewal. Followed by a steam and sauna session."
How they market it: On Tuesdays, the service is the special feature on Contour's weekly Quick Fix menu-clients can receive the service for $99 if it is completed between 9 a.m. and
2 p.m. "Each month, we send out 5,000 postcards that showcase the Quick Fix features," says Fanit Panofsky, owner. "We also have brochures at the checkout counter, the bathroom and the dressing rooms. On Mondays, we send out e-mails to 32,000 addresses and we do radio and television commercials as well."
Expert tip: Panofsky stays on top of education by recertifying her technicians each year. By opening her doors to two nearby schools, Sheridan Vocational School and Health Institute of South Florida, and allowing graduating students to spend a day in different departments learning about the business of running a spa, the school put together recertification classes in areas such as reflexology for a reduced price.

Firming and Toning Cellulite Kur
Fully Booked: Spa Services - Part 2
Spa: Emerge by Giuliano in Boston, Massachusetts
What's needed: natural bristle brush or loofah, vacuum massage machine, spandex bodysuit, Spirulina body masque, sheets and blankets
Product cost: minimal
Who performs: massage therapist or esthetician
Rebook: One or two a week for the first 10 treatments, then once a month.
Price: $280 for initial treatment that includes the body suit, $220 for individual treatment.
Description: "The ultimate in body rejuvenation, this treatment begins with a full body dry brush to stimulate lymphatic circulation. A full body and face Synergie treatment increases circulation and enhances detoxification while treating deep tissue layers to reduce the effects of cellulite. A body wrap using Spirulina imparts vitamins, minerals and proteins to nourish and revitalize the body. An application of marine firming body cream hydrates and tones the skin to complete the service."
How they market it: "To obtain and keep the desired results, clients need to commit to the first 10 treatments and the monthly follow-up," says Patty Sweeney, assistant spa director. "That generates your repeat business." As with all the spa's services, when clients purchase a series of three treatments, they receive a separate gift card with the equivalent of 10 percent of what they spend on those three treatments. They can apply the card to upcoming services or retail products.
Expert tip: While the spa offers other services with the Synergie treatments on their own, the Spirulina wrap helps firm, tone and nourish the skin and it's a great detoxifier-that's important to help eliminate the broken up cellulite, says owner Joyce Hampers.

Fatburner Wrap

Suddenly Slimmer Wellness Center and Day Spa in Phoenix, Arizona
What's needed: Lipase enzyme solution, mineral solution, Ace bandages
Product cost: $60
Who performs: licensed massage therapist and esthetician
Rebook: Once or twice a week until desired size is reached, then a maintenance service every few months.
Price: $200 per service
Description: "This wrap is designed to target hard fat and resistant fat areas such as hips and thighs. During this service, you are wrapped with bandages soaked in an enzyme that helps to break down fat. After 30 minutes, we unwrap and then re-wrap with the mineral solution for 30 minutes which will help to remove toxins. You can lose 6 to 30 inches with the fat burner body wrap."
How they market it: The spa also sells the service in a series-three for $590; five for $925 and 10 for $1,800. They also have a referral program-refer five new clients, and get a wrap for free. The spa holds open houses where they educate potential clients on different services and provide mini services. But spa director Jeanie Marcelino maintains that word-of-mouth is the best marketing policy. "There are a variety of clients who are looking for this service," she says. "There are clients who simply want to detoxify; those who've recently given birth and want to tone up; those who've recently lost weight and want to tighten the skin; clients who are struggling to lose weight, and even military men who are trying to achieve specific measurements."
Expert tip: "The consultation is very important before and after the service," says Marcelino. "We do a 20-30 minute consultation which includes measurements. To reach desired success, clients have to make a commitment to change their lifestyle. The consultation transforms this from a service to a program."

River Sôk
Fully Booked: Spa Services - Part 2
Just for Me The Spa, Stillwater, Minnesota
What's needed: Just for Me Dead Sea Bath Salts, Just for Me Scrub, hydrating lotion, exfoliating gloves
Product cost: $6
Who performs: certified massage therapist
Rebook: once every six weeks
Price: $160
Description: "Immerse your body and soothe your mind as you experience River Sôk. Bathe in a rainbow of light with a unique chromatherapy feature while effervescent bubbles, combined with a gentle overflow, will lull your body into a weightless state of pure relaxation. Your sôk includes an invigorating full-body cleansing exfoliation, scalp massage and gentle hydrating massage."
How they market it: Owner Heidi Rosebud introduced this service when she expanded her spa in March. "We gave away a River Sôk service each day to one of the guests who toured the new facility," says Rosebud. "Clients liked the service so much, many of them continued booking them in subsequent months."
Expert tip: Rosebud claims it's the special Kohler brand tub-a tub within a tub with a chromatherapy lighting and a recycled cascading waterfall that creates effervescent bubbles-that makes this service unique. "You have to do your own research," she says. "They thought I was crazy when I showed up at the Kohler warehouse with my bathing suit so I could try the tub. Equipment is really expensive, and that's the only way you can know if it's what you want."

Royal Thai Herbal Massage

Touch of Asia in Sterling, Virginia
What's needed: herbal Thai balls, steamer, tongs, washcloths, pitcher of water
Product cost: balls retail for $9.99, massage requires two to three balls depending on the individual
Who performs: massage therapist
Rebook: once a month-once a week for clients with deep tension
Price: $159 for 90 minutes; $189 for two hours
Description: "Steamed herbal compresses imported directly from Thailand make this massage truly a delight and unique in massage treatments. Similar to Thai Massage with the addition of hand-made herbal compresses steamed and applied directly to the body. The relaxing aroma and direct application of herbal compresses eliminates muscle pain and gives clients a Touch of Asia experience as enjoyed by Thai royalty."
How they market it: "This massage is great for people with chronic tension, those suffering from arthritis or fibromyalga and athletes recovering from marathons-we get several NFL and NBA players," says owner David Roylance, who also teaches the massage at Thai Institute of Healing Arts in Arlington, Virginia. "Because of its unique quality, this service also makes a great gift certificate purchase-we really sell them at Christmas and Mother's Day."
Expert tip: "It's so important to get your technicians trained properly-that translates into confidence, resulting in a better experience for your clients," says Roylance.

The Soul Experience

Urbána CitySpa and TeaBar in Charlotte, North Carolina
What's needed: shea butter, hot stones
Product cost: minimal
Who performs: massage therapist
Rebook: depends on individual needs of the client
Price: $60 for 30 minutes; $95 for 60 minutes
Description: "A treat for feet: Kick back for 30 minutes while shea butter is slathered onto your feet and the healing energy of hot stones creates a tension-melting massage. Also available as a treatment for feet, hands, and head ... just ask for the 60-minute soul+experience."
How they market it: "We have a large billboard on the side of our building with a huge graphic of a woman getting a stone massage-we use stones as our signature," says Nancy Goodwin. "We're a massage-only spa and frequently have had temporary special massages that have become part of our permanent menu. We feature a book in our reception area that educates clients on the benefits of our massages and our website brings in many clients."
Expert tip: "For us, the TeaBar creates a unique experience," says Goodwin. "We offer clients a cup of tea before the service for relaxation and after the service, inviting them to stay as long as they'd like. We serve more than 100 teas, from varieties that calm to those that have more kick than coffee."

Fully Booked: Spa Services - Part 1
Fully Booked: Spa Services - Part 2

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