They might not seem like the most likely spa clients, but take a closer look at teens and you’ll find they have the potential to be your best spa clients! Lure them in with these services:


Some things never change—today’s youth is still struggling with skin problems, despite the abundance of drugs and treatments out there. Be proactive with your teen clients and let them know that regular facials help treat and prevent breakouts. If an hour-long spa facial is out of their budget, create a ½ hour version that focuses on the cleansing aspects of the facial rather than the pampering. And don’t forget to get your teens on a regular weekly or monthly facial schedule if they want to continue to see results.


More and more teens—male and female—are participating in school sports. And just like adults, they suffer from strained muscles and sore joints. Encourage their parents to treat them to regular massages to alleviate pain and rejuvenate them for the next big game.


Prom, homecoming, turnabout, spring fling—there’s always a big social event going on at school. Make sure your spa is the destination for teens in your community to get their fingers and toes ready for the big event. And don’t forget to retail the nail polish for any dings that may occur on the big day.

Body Treatments

Salt scrubs and mud wraps may be harder to sell to teen clients, but there’s always an angle. Some teens suffer from acne on their backs and shoulders. Create a treatment to help clear it up. Or include a body treatment into an “ultimate prom package.”

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