With April just around the corner, it’s time to do some spring cleaning and reorganize those retail shelves. Here are five suggestions for grabbing your clients’ attention this season.

  1. Focus on Skin: Although the air is still crisp, clients are thinking about skin-baring clothing and bathing suits. Create a skin-care kiosk complete with scrubs, lotions, self-tanners and anything else your client needs to get her skin in tip-top shape for the season.
  2. Color Me Blonde: You’ll find many clients eager for highlights as the seasons change. Don’t forget to stock your retail area with color-care shampoos, conditioners and stylers.
  3. ’Tis the Tanning Season: Sunblocks and sunscreens for the face and body will be must-haves for your customers. Put them at your front desk so clients can grab them during checkout.
  4. Make-up Matters: Changing seasons and new hair color warrant a new make-up palette. Create a make-up bar clients can’t resist. Bright shades and pastel colors alike will be attention grabbers for spring.
  5. Seasonal Scents: Blooming lilac bushes, rose gardens, a fresh rain—all scents that conjure up spring. Stock some of these irresistible scents and place them at stylist stations for clients to try.

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