Design on a Dime

Looking to change up your gift card design for the holidays? Many big companies offer holiday-themed gift cards through the holiday season to make them even more enticing to shoppers. Here are a few ways to make your gift cards stand out this season.


1. Create a Contest.

Have your stylists channel their creativity into your gift cards. Give your staff a couple of weeks to come up with a design, then let clients vote on the submissions. Choose two or three winning designs and offer a prize to your winning stylists. Getting clients involved will make them eager to see the final result!


2. Tap into Your Best Resources. 

Clients sit in your salon chairs all day, every day. They talk about life, work, love and everything in between. And if you and your staff have been listening carefully, chances are, one of them works in the graphic design or printing business. Talk to them about designing a new gift card for the season. They may have some innovative ideas and be willing to barter services.


3. Be a Copy Cat. 

Not sure where to begin? Go to your local Borders or Starbucks or Target and check out their holiday gift cards. These big chains usually offer multiple styles, including non-denominational cards featuring neutral snowflake graphics that work for any religion, sex or age.


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