Last week, each state sent their best on stage to compete for the chance to become Miss USA, with Utah’s Noelia Voigt stepping up to take the crown. 

Beauty pageants like Miss USA have been putting states to the test for more than 70 years now. Each winner is the definition of beauty for their time, and looking back through the ages it is clear to see how beauty standards and ideals have changed. 

With that in mind, delved into Miss USA Alumni data and used MidJourney AI to create an image of the most beautiful woman in the US today.

Meet America’s Most Beautiful Woman Today:


Merging the past four Miss USA winners using MidJourney, was able to imagine America's most beautiful woman of this decade.

The most beautiful woman captures some of the most desired features of today, from full brows and lips to a captivatingly clear complexion paired with large sparkling eyes. 

Interested in highlighting the difference over time, they also merged each winner from the 50s together to create ’50s America’s ideal woman. You can see a stark difference between today’s standards and those from 70 years ago with thin brows and lips and a very light amount of makeup.

 - previously used AI to predict the winner of this year's Miss USA pageant, placing Miss Pennsylvania Jasmine Daniels as most likely to win. Although Daniels didn't conquer the competition, she placed 3rd Runner-Up and won Best in Evening Gown.

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