An Ecoheads showerhead like this one, can reduce water and energy waste by 65%.

An Ecoheads showerhead like this one, can reduce water and energy waste by 65%. 

The high temperatures and lack of rain this summer have accelerated changing attitudes to water conservation, with record numbers of salon owners looking for water-saving alternatives, according to sustainability champion Sustain Beauty Co (SBCo), supplier of Scrummi disposable towels and ECOHEADS showerheads.

“There is a general trend towards sustainability in the salon, but the questions don’t always revolve around the planet but also profitability. Salons are looking for more information on how to cut water use, especially expensive hot water,” says Valorie Tate, founder of SBCo. “For some, they are responding to prompts from increasingly sustainable-minded clients while others have experienced deterioration in water quality in their area.”

SBCo advocates a whole-salon approach to conservation, from diligence in your facility management to improved leadership around the conversations on how each stylist can make a difference.

“Saving water helps everyone, but it also helps reduce costs. If your leaky faucet means you are heating water that just drips away, then you are pouring money down the drain,” says Tate. “Swapping an expensive, water-guzzling laundry system for biodegradable towels can save thousands of dollars a year and upgrade the experience. Being sustainable isn’t just about the planet; it’s about business sustainability as well.”

The #cleanwatersalon system:

  • Don’t delay fixing leaks - a small drip wastes 10,000 gallons a year!
  • Run water-intensive washing machines only when full.
  • Consider swapping laundry for disposables that use a fraction of the water and are kinder in production.
  • Install ECOHEADS showerheads on backwash basins to reduce water and energy waste by 65%.
  • Update toilets and faucets to WaterSense products (tax deductible).
  • Consider a water recycling system where water used in the basins is captured and used to flush toilets.
  • Use microfiber cloths and a non-toxic cleaner such as The Salon Guys range rather than surface spray cleaners that needs rinsing with water.


About SBCo: Sustain Beauty Co was born with the mission to help identify authentic, credible and environmentally responsible brands that put stylists at the forefront of their purpose. All Sustain Beauty Co products must: 1) Reduce the footprint of consumables in our industry. 2) Empower artists to create beauty responsibly. 3) Protect the stylist and the environment equally. And, 4) Come from ethical sources and responsible manufacturing facilities.

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