Do you ever wonder what sets those driven to achieve goals apart from those who never even get started? Have you ever become frustrated because you just can’t seem to motivate yourself to make the changes necessary to create the life or business you dream of?

Defining what you want out of life sounds easy, but how do you really get there? Yes, self-leadership and discipline are a given as they are well-known drivers of both personal and professional growth; but those traits alone won’t get you where you want to go. You have to dig beyond the obvious!

Self-discovery is something that will certainly help guide you to success. The first step in the process is identifying your purpose, then using that knowledge as a driver on your journey. Eufora Business Trainer Angie Lund starts by asking key questions like “What’s propelling you - your success?” and “Do you have a “North Star” that is guiding you?”

Understanding why the goals you choose are important and how they will impact you, those close to you, and ultimately the world, is another key component. This will help keep you on the path toward goal achievement. Expect that there will be bumps in the road, and when times are hard, or you encounter resistance to changing behaviors, you will need to have an arsenal of weapons (resources) to rely upon. A strong purpose and support system can help you muster up the courage to power through almost anything!

Wondering how successful people stay on track? Lund shares four BIG questions that will help guide anyone’s goal achievement. Additionally, she has created several sub- questions to help salon professionals dig even deeper. The more thought-provoking the exercise, the more powerful the result, so write it down!

1. Why do you want to achieve this goal? Identify “ why” the goal is important.

  • What has compelled you to grab hold of this objective?
  • How will it help you, your business, family, your community or the world?
  • How does this goal align with your values and what is important to you?
  • How will it make a difference in your life - in the life of others?

2. What great things will happen if you do this? Make a list of all the amazing things that could occur once you accomplish this goal.

  • How will the achievement positively impact your life and those you love?
  • How will you feel once this goal is achieved?
  • What will others say, or what will you say to yourself, once you’ve achieved goal?

3. What will you be missing if you don’t do this? Make a list of all the things you might miss out on if you never realize this goal.

  • What are you currently unable to do because you have not achieved this goal?
  • What are others you admire doing as a result of achieving a similar goal?
  • What do you find yourself wishing you could do, but can’t until you achieve this goal because the bigger goal is dependent upon first hitting this one?

4. What are the difficulties that could present themselves if you fail to accomplish your goal? Sometimes it is necessary to consider any harsh realities that might result from not achieving a goal. You may have to dig deep.

  • Could you lose everything?
  • Could you lose important relationships?
  • Could you go bankrupt?

Once you are clear on the answers you will be able to refer to them whenever your commitment to your purpose waivers.

One piece of advice from Lund, “Make it a powerful purpose. If your purpose is weak anything can easily throw you off course. Distractions will get in the way, and procrastination will become your co-pilot. If you have a powerful purpose you can rise above just about any challenge. Always remember, it is the purpose that drives you and makes you want something badly enough to do the work.”

Just imagine how great life will be on the other side of accomplishing your BIG goal. Close your eyes and picture it becoming reality. The positive emotions will feel amazing. Lastly, always remember goal achievement is not a destination it is a journey, so be prepared to learn and grow all along the way.

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