Takara Belmont Corporation recently released its corporate purpose for its next 100 years as well as a logo commemorating the 100th anniversary of its founding year.

Chairman and CEO Hidetaka Yoshikawa says, “Looking ahead towards the next 100 years, we are delighted to continue to serve the future of our clientele, industry, and society as a whole in leading beautiful and fulfilling lives."

Founded in the western Japanese city of Osaka in 1921, Takara Belmont has developed, produced and sold hair salon equipment, professional hair cosmetic products for the hairdressing industry, and dental and medical equipment for the medical field.

Originally, Takara Belmont was founded as a foundry. In 1931, Founder Hidenobu Yoshikawa, decided to produce barber chairs as the company received orders for casting parts of such chairs. The company was able to swiftly improve its barber chairs to meet customer needs because it fully produced such chairs, including their parts.


Takara Belmont released the world's first electric barber chair in 1962 to expand its market share. The company continues to supply top-grade, high-quality equipment for the world's hairdressing industry, based on Yoshikawa's belief that "great products will be used anywhere in the world.” Takara Belmont became the first Japanese manufacturer of hairdressing equipment to advance into the United States when it established a local unit in New York in 1956. The company has thus evolved into a brand loved by hairdressing professionals and known to everybody in the world.

Throughout the years, the company has expanded its production of salon equipment and furniture to include salon chairs, shampoo units, hair processors, esthetic equipment and cosmetic products for hair, kin and nail care. Moreover, the company designs salons and provides counseling on the management of salons, including technical instruction for their staff members, thus supporting salons on various levels.  

Takara Belmont also produces and markets "LebeL," a technical brand of high-quality products that meet the detailed and diverse needs of hairdressing professionals. It began to export "LebeL" products in 1996, and their sales are expanding in Russia as well as various countries in Asia. Its hair and skin care brand, "ESTESSiMO," has also gained popularity among Russian hairdressing professionals.

Today, the company has overseas subsidiaries in 12 different countries, and it sells salon and medical-related products to hairdressers, beauticians, nail artists, dentists and doctors around the world.

As the company looks ahead to the next 100 years, Takara Belmont is determined to promote corporate management based on its newly established corporate purpose and strive to help create a society in which customers in its target industries as well as people in the world are filled with joy of being beautiful.


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