Phorest Partners with Green Circle Salons, Empowering Salons to Grow Sustainably
Phorest Partners with Green Circle Salons, Empowering Salons to Grow Sustainably

Phorest Salon Software recently announced a new partnership with Green Circle Salons. Waste is one of the greatest sustainability challenges that salons today face.  The beauty industry creates 877 pounds of waste every single minute.

Green Circle Salons is on a mission to change that. Their award-winning program can help salon’s recover up to 95% of their waste, including many previously unrecoverable materials and difficult to recycle items like hair clippings, foils, excess hair color, aerosol cans, and color tubes. The Green Circle Salons community of over 16,000 Waste Warriors keep more than one million pounds of beauty waste out of landfills and waterways every single year in North America. 

The decision to partner with Green Circle Salons is motivated by Phorest’s own commitment to the environment. On this CEO, of Phorest Salon Software, Ronan Perceval said:“So much of our focus here at Phorest is the growth of salon businesses. However, we cannot pursue growth to the detriment of our planet. Sustainability is a personal passion of mine and I am inspired by the innovation that has made a waste-free future for salons within reach.  We are proud to have a partner like Green Circle Salons, whose values align so closely with our own at Phorest. Together we can empower salons to manage and grow their businesses sustainably.”

Green Circle Salons is a B Corp and certified Zero Waste to Landfill by the Carbon Trust, meaning everything it collects is either reused, recycled, composted or converted into renewable energy. Phorest Salon Software is one of the founding members of ‘Irish Tech Goes Carbon Neutral’ and offsets its carbon emissions, working with forestry partners, to plant real-life ‘Phorests.' In 2020, Phorest was able to offset 551.78 tons of carbon dioxide emissions by restoring woodlands in the Irish countryside. 

Shane Price, Founder and CEO of Green Circle salons said: “At Green Circle Salons, our mission is to keep people and the planet Beautiful. Every day we empower beauty professionals to make a difference in the world by becoming a Certified Sustainable Salon and giving their beauty waste a new life! We are so excited about how this new partnership with Phorest will make it even easier for our members with the addition of their custom fees feature.”

As announcements such as the United Nations IPPC report, released last month, continue to remind us all about the urgent need for climate change action, people are searching for ways to make a difference at a personal and local level.  According to Green Circle Salons, 84% of salon guests care about a salon's impact. Their goal is to help salons and spas, not only to go green but to gain clients, save money and build revenue in an ethical and simple way. 

Phorest continues to develop new features which enable salons to go paperless. For example, consultation forms and receipts can be handled digitally. The expanding capabilities of the Phorest Go app maximize the information stylists and estheticians have to hand, reducing their need to print things like schedules. Phorest has also recently developed a custom fees feature, making it easy for Green Circle Salons to pass on green fees to their clients.

Phorest Salon Software and Green Circle Salons offer cutting-edge technological innovation and personalized support, inspiring salons to grow their businesses sustainably. Together they are the ideal solution for future-proofing business strategy and protecting the planet. 

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