The Best Cities for Curly Girls in 2021
The Best Cities for Curly Girls in 2021
  • New weather data metrics reveal that cities in California offer the best climate conditions for curly-haired girls.
  • Research shows that states like Florida, Texas and Hawaii should be avoided by curly-haired girls - especially if they want to steer clear of frizzy and poofy hair.
  • The latest data on where in the U.S. curly hair will look its best, and where it most likely will dry out, break, knot and tangle.

Any curly-haired individual knows their hair not only requires extra care but is more sensitive to weather elements than their straight-locked counterparts.

New research by beauty research website, Tajmeeli reveals 94 of the best and worst cities for curly-haired individuals.

Anaheim in California with its moderate climate conditions - ideal for curly hair - tops the list. West Palm Beach in Florida ranks as the worst city for curly hair as its high humidity levels and average rainfall per year proves disastrous for anyone avoiding poofy, frizzy curls.

The Best Cities for Curly Girls in 2021
The Best Cities for Curly Girls in 2021

The top three states that offer the best weather conditions for curly hair are California, North Carolina and Louisiana. 

Californian cities snag seven out of the top ten best city spots for curly-haired individuals with Bakersfield, Pasadena, Long Beach and San Jose ranking second, third, fourth and fifth in the list. 

The research showed how humid and dry states ranked much lower as their weather conditions negatively affect curly hair. 

As a result, cities with more moisture in their atmospheres, like Hollywood, FL and Honolulu, HI ranked 91st and 92nd respectively. Drier cities, such as Reno, NV (82), and Henderson, NV (83), were also on the bottom of the list.

The Best Cities for Curly Girls in 2021
The Best Cities for Curly Girls in 2021

See the full list here.

This new study by Tajmeeli also revealed which cities, with their windy conditions, would cause tangled and knotted hair for curly girls. It also offers deeper insight into how particular weather elements affect the condition of curly hair as well comment from experts and real-life accounts from people in the curly-haired community. 

To access the full study and see where other cities rank on the list, click here.

About the Data: Tajmeeli ranked 94 of the United States' mid-tier cities from best (No. 1) to worst (No. 94) based on their overall scores. A city's overall score (out of 100 pooosible points) was calculated by adding the scores given for each weather category (dew point, humidity, etc). Points were added or subtracted based on whether the average for each category met the optimum conditions for curly hair to flourish. 

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