The new Oribe Fragrance Collection is the next must-have offering from the luxury brand.

Oribe hair products are top of the line. They work wonders on all types of hair and there’s something for every texture and hair situation. But effectiveness aside, when your client uses an Oribe product, what is the one bit of feedback you get more than anything else? Over and over you hear, “These products smell absolutely amazing!” Well guess what? The folks at Oribe know their fragrance game is strong so they’re running with it. The result? An expansion of Oribe’s fragrance offerings that marry transportive fragrances with a stunning visual element in the form of work-of-art bottles. Perfect for clients who crave Oribe’s signature Côte d’Azur scent, these two new fragrances rival the finest department store brands with their complexity, staying power and evocations of exotic locales. Here are the details.


How Oribe Fragrances Were Born

According to Oribe President and Co-Founder Daniel Kaner, Oribe established a standard of modern luxury in haircare. “We saw ourselves as a fashion brand as well as a haircare brand, so it was essential that the packaging stood apart,” he says. “Everything was customized and complex, from the bottle design to the unique, forward-thinking formulations. We also agreed that a signature fragrance should run throughout the line. The resulting scent, Côte d’Azur, was one of the first fine fragrances used in hair care.” 

Because fragrance is such a big part of the Oribe brand identity, the company decided to go all in. “Côte d’Azur became so popular that we launched it as its own fine fragrance and expanded into body care,” says Kaner. “More recently, we decided to celebrate Côte d’Azur with a new form of packaging and design, and to introduce two new scents. Together, the three fragrances-- Côte d’Azur, Valley of Flowers and Desertland--represent our dedication to craft.”

Côte d’Azur--Oribe’s signature scent--features citrusy Calabrian bergamot, white butterfly...

Côte d’Azur--Oribe’s signature scent--features citrusy Calabrian bergamot, white butterfly jasmine and the creamy warmth of sandalwood.

From The Sea To The Desert To The Gardens Of Europe

If you’ve never experienced Côte d’Azur, think of white butterfly jasmine and fresh notes of citrus and sandalwood, infused with the heat and glamour of the Côte d’Azur region of the French Riviera.  “We worked with a world-class perfumer at Givaudan, Adriana Medina, to create the original scent,” remembers Kaner. “First, we had to write a story about what the fragrance would represent. During these meetings, our co-founder, the legendary Oribe Canales, kept coming back with the same idea. He wanted it to smell like ‘leather, tobacco, red lipstick, fashion and sex.’ And it does!”   

Bright, crisp notes of juniper berry, rare desert wildflowers and warm Texas cedarwood embody...

Bright, crisp notes of juniper berry, rare desert wildflowers and warm Texas cedarwood embody the essence of a blooming desert. This aromatic green Desertland scent was inspired by Oribe President and Co-founder Daniel Kaner’s visit to Marfa, Texas, and captures the sandy heat of the day and cool vastness of the still night.

The second fragrance, Desertland, was inspired by Kaner’s visit to the blooming deserts of Marfa, Texas, where it’s all sky, and the desert is green and alive and crisp. “It has the freshness of bergamot, plus juniper berry and lavandin for their beautiful aromatics,” says Adriana Medina, Vice President Perfumer for Givaudan. “At the heart of the scent is pincushion wildflower--a relative of the sunflower that was captured by the perfumers during the superbloom in Death Valley and perfected in their lab. That’s complemented by jasmine, peony and angelica root. At the base of the fragrance are aromatic, warm notes that reflect the color of the desert--Texas cedarwood, sandalwood, a touch of smoky vetiver for that firewood note, amber and musk.”

A modern interpretation of a lush floral scent, Valley of Flowers immerses the wearer in a...

A modern interpretation of a lush floral scent, Valley of Flowers immerses the wearer in a harmonious blend of Bulgarian rose, peony petals and warm amber. It evokes the feeling of a morning walk through a sun-drenched garden.

For Valley of Flowers, the third fragrance, the perfumers aimed to give Côte d’Azur a new, more floral spin. “We envisioned a scent that evoked the feeling of being in a European field of flowers in full bloom,” says Kaner, “that sense of being completely surrounded by color and scent and beauty.” Adriana goes on to say, “the top note is a lush marriage of peony petals, violet, orange blossom and night-blooming jasmine, leading to a heart of Bulgarian rose which are flowers gathered in the morning and quickly processed to preserve their dewy freshness and clean, modern aroma. Finally, the heady bouquet blossoms into a long-lasting trail of warm amber, textured cedarwood and voluptuous musk.”

Each of the three fragrances is genderless, designed to be worn by women and men. “Our research showed us that florals continue to be a top category, and that men have become interested in florals as well,’’ explains Kaner, "especially notes of rose and jasmine. In doing these new fragrances, we were interested in creating scents that could be shared.’’

Craftsmanship Outside And Inside

The distinct, sculptural bottle is crafted by a glass maker in Normandy, at a factory that has been producing glass since 1892. It offers a pleasing combination of angles and curves in an elongated oval shape that is enormously satisfying to hold and emanates timelessness and quality. The three fragrances are distinguished by the colors of the cap, each with the look of an onyx-like stone that echoes the scent inside.


Oribe Fragrances In The Salon

If you’re trying to imagine how fragrance might fit into your retail offerings in the salon, know that the Oribe team has thought it through. “At Oribe, we spend a lot of time talking about, ‘How can we take customers to a place they’ve never been and give them an experience they’ve never had?’” explains Kaner. “When you bring fragrance into a salon, I think it elevates the perception of the services and the salon and helps create a full beauty experience. As salons continue the journey toward becoming one-stop shops for beauty, it gives consumers a wonderful opportunity to experience fragrance. They’re not just breezing through a store. They’re taking time in a place they go to in order to have a moment for themselves. This sense of discovery adds a very unique and welcome level of complexity to the whole salon experience.”

Kaner reveals that the latest Oribe fragrance project started with a note that he has on his inspiration board. It reads, “Take me someplace I’ve never been before. Show me something I’ve never seen.” With this new collection, get ready for a sensual new experience with every breath you take.

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