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Change is the only constant in life, and success is the willingness to evolve with it to stay relevant and exciting. Alicia McKie, owner of Dvyne Beauty Lab in Kissimmee, FL, is continually evolving, and her salon has been awarded “The Best of 2019 Kissimmee” as a result of her efforts.

Style is one thing that always changes. The looks this fall will reflect this unusual pandemic-influenced time, McKie says. “Clients will be looking for more low-maintenance hair and precision cuts that are versatile," she predicts. "Ever since the pandemic, they have to consider that there may be times stylists aren't available, so they’re requesting looks and color services with lower maintenance, as well as more at-home styling options.”

Here, McKie shares other aspects of continuing to reinvent her success.

  • Full Service. With an improved social media strategy, people in the area realized that Dvyne Beauty Lab was a full-service salon offering cut, color, natural hair, relaxers, keratin treatments, extensions, braids, locs, waxing and nails, so they stopped traveling to Orlando salons—and guests from Orlando started to travel to Kissimmee instead.
  • Feature Wall. Reserve a feature wall for guests to take selfies, McKie advises. At Dvyne Beauty Lab, this has taken various forms. A chalkboard, sunflowers, lights—greenery and flowers are usually included, and the wall creates a “wow factor" and excitement, not to mention increased social media traffic.
  • Upgrade. McKie renovates every 2-3 years. Black, white, and rose gold are the current colors evoking a sleek, yet feminine, vibe. She also invested in Freestyle Systems to suspend dryers from the ceiling for another “wow factor." McKie says, “We dry so much natural hair, which can take a while, and the wear and tear on a stylist’s body is evident. With the Freestylist, I don’t feel that muscle stress anymore. The dryer hangs from above at an angle, always within reach and weightless, so you don’t have to use your arms as much and drying hair is much faster.”
  • Innovation. Be a doer! McKie created her own hair fragrance. She says that women with natural hair don’t shampoo often yet want to feel fresh. “I used to spray fragrance in my hair, which is not recommended because the alcohol can dry it out," she explains. "So I formulated a fragrance with essential oils based in rose water that is safe for hair and keeps it smelling lovely. Clients also can spray it on their pillowcase, bonnet or scarf when covering hair at night or after working out.”
  • Video. McKie does a video every year showcasing upgrades, décor, staff members, and services. It’s valuable social media content, and she celebrates creativity by collaborating with guests who are photographers, designers, and videographers. “Somebody has to give you a chance to shine!" she says. "When I see that someone’s work ethic is good, I trust them in their area of expertise.”


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