For some time now, the beauty industry has been embracing clean beauty. One company making waves in this direction is MixX Laboratory, a skincare brand on the rise that focuses on individuality and inclusivity.

MixX Laboratory targets all skin types. Clients can mix and match both essences and serums to create a skin care routine that is uniquely theirs. From anti-aging serums to hydrating essences, MixX Laboratory has something for everyone.

Clean Beauty Gets Big Play with MixX Laboratory Products
Clean Beauty Gets Big Play with MixX Laboratory Products

"After years of preparation, we launched our first product line with three essential essences in 2020," says the company CEO. "We will soon extend our product lines by adding cleanser, toner, eye cream, face cream and, of course, more essences! Stay tuned!"

Currently, MixX Laboratory sells its products exclusively on the brand's website . The most popular products are the Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Essence with 0.6% hyaluronic acid, Pro-xylane Facial Light-Stripe Anti-Aging Essence with 10% pro-xylane, and ldebenone Tightening Essence. Each of these products is free of irritants like alcohol, fragrances, artificial pigments, parabens, essential oils, and unrefined petroleum.

The real star of the brand is the ldebenone 1% Antioxidant Tightening Essence. To create this powerful essence, MixX Laboratory used revolutionary Liposomal Technology, which not only nourishes the skin but also heals longterm skin damage. The product also applies IDB Nano-Liposome encapsulation technology, which preserves the antioxidant activity of ldebenone by up to 99.5. This allows for a slower release and penetration of the products, leading to a longer-lasting effect.

With dermatologist recommendations, MixX Laboratory is poised to become a major skincare brand. The brand continues to release products that are free of harmful chemicals and, as MixX Laboratory continues growing, so do its client base and success stories.

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