Rosy Salon Software recently announced its partnership Vish--one of the salon industry's top color management systems.

Designed to streamline a salon’s operations, Rosy Salon Software includes features to manage client data, schedule appointments, and send automated confirmations and reminders. The cloud-based software also helps salon professionals process payments, run reports, and manage inventory through a robust point of sale system. And, with text and email marketing features, salons can keep their clients informed and engaged. Now, with the integration of Vish, Rosy users can better track their color usage and eliminate waste.

Suitable for salons of all sizes, Vish connects an intelligent Bluetooth scale from the salon’s color room to the front desk, capturing all services and product charges. Information is communicated to both the Vish Front Desk app for a smooth and seamless checkout and the Vish Dashboard for analysis. Vish also provides in-depth analytics on employee performance, color service profitability, and real-time inventory reporting. The system was designed to measure color accurately and uses data and analytics to set exact prices, decrease inventory purchases by 25-40%, and eliminate waste.

“We’re excited to launch and feature Vish integration with Rosy. This partnership will help Rosy salons eliminate waste, save money, and provide consistent color formulation,” said Rosy Salon Software President Jason Foodman. “It’s powerful technology designed to support the industry, give colorists an edge, and increase profits for salon owners.”

The Vish partnership with Rosy officially launched March 24, 2021, and is a valuable feature for those who wish to subscribe to the service.

About Vish: Vish is an industry-leading color management software, providing a suite of systems that effortlessly revolutionalizes how salons and stylists run their color business. At its core, the Vish intelligent weighing scale and app capture the details of every color mixed as ingredients are weighed, then by reweighing the bowl after service formulas are adjusted to eliminate any waste. Ticket information such as product changes, add-ons, and additional color charges are sent directly to the front desk, ensuring every color bill is correct. Every service keeps the same profit margin regardless of how much color is required. The data presented in the online dashboard takes the guesswork out of managing color in-salon. It allows salons to see every team member’s color usage, cost, and waste by service and accurately tracks and replenishes inventory used — making every color business incredibly efficient and much more profitable.

About Rosy Salon Software: Founded by former salon and spa owners, Rosy Salon Software is a comprehensive suite of cloud-based scheduling and business tools with features designed for salons and spas. This service leverages the latest technology and allows users to build deeper relationships with clients while increasing their revenue and profitability. For more information about Rosy Salon Software, please visit rosysalonsoftware.com.

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