As most beauty students, veteran hairstylist, and barbers know, maintaining hygiene and a clean environment is not only necessary, but the law. [1]

That being said, understanding and prioritizing the process of cleaning and disinfecting post pandemic will set the tone for your business. For a salon owner, maintaining a clean environment should be the top priority to protect the health of the clients, visitors, and staff. However, for sustaining an eco-salon, you must do your best to refrain from using toxic chemicals and substances that are harmful to the environment; in fact, salon cleaning can be green and stay in line with clean beauty practices easily using the right products.  

What is the Difference Between Cleaning & Disinfecting? 
Even though cleaning and disinfecting fall into the same category of maintenance, there are significant differences between them. One big distinction between the two is the goal and what you're trying to achieve with it. 

The goal of cleaning is to reduce the amount of soil and organic build-up, scale, abrasive contaminants, grease, chemical residue, or accumulations to acceptable levels or eliminate them completely. Every day "tidying" activities are also a part of cleaning, aiming to remove the garbage, clutter, and other potential hazards. Whereas disinfecting reduces or eliminates pathogens, spore-forming or non-spore-forming bacteria, and other undesirable microorganisms. Before disinfecting a surface, it should be clean for the best result. [2] 

Using the Wrong Cleaning Products Could Harm Your Clients & Your Business
Cleaning and disinfecting using harsh chemicals can impact client satisfaction and put their health at risk. However, cleaning build-ups from surfaces effectively without using harmful chemicals is a challenge for any salon owner. An essential part of being a Green Salon is using non-toxic and environment-friendly cleaning and disinfecting products. [3] Furthermore, finding potent and fast-acting natural cleaning products remains a challenge for salon owners everywhere. To deal with this issue, many hairdressers turn to home-made cleaning supplies, which most of the time prove to be inefficient, toxic, and complex. 

The problem with cleaning supplies for a salon or a barbershop does not end there. The chemicals used in these hygiene supplies can also damage and ruin the furniture of the salon. For example, cleaning hairspray build-up off a barber chair can potentially damage the chair's surface, leading to replacing an otherwise functional and usable chair. Hence, cleaning hairspray build-up or other products off the leather or vinyl furniture becomes taxing and difficult. PVC and PU Vinyl are some of the most popular materials for salon chairs, couches, and shampoo station seats. When it comes to disinfecting, the typical ammonia-based products like all-purpose cleaners can cause drying, cracking, splitting, and discoloration to these materials. [4] 

The Ideal Salon Cleaning Product Checklist
When it comes to choosing the ideal salon cleaning products, remember that your clean beauty practices and promises can make people want to switch to your eco salon; therefore, choose the cleaning products accordingly. A good cleaner must meet all of the following criteria.

To use a cleaner in-between clients and before disinfecting, you have to make sure it cleans effectively and efficiently. The cleaner should remove the dirt and product build-up within a short amount of time, and it should not take a lot of effort to clean using the product. Ideally, the product should come in a spray bottle, which will make it easy to use. A good cleaner should not leave any residue or odor. [5]

Environment Friendly
To maintain an eco-friendly green salon, the cleaner should be eco-friendly as well. When possible you should opt for all-natural cleaners that are free from any harsh chemicals. The formula has to be effective on the dirt and at the same time non-toxic to the customers and the staff. Look for the "eco-friendly" label while choosing a cleaner. In fact, using an environment-friendly cleaner is one of the biggest trends in eco salon operations at the moment. [6]

Friendly to the Furniture
The cleaner must clean and preserve the furniture at the same time. Leather and vinyl-friendly cleaner is the perfect choice for this reason. The cleaner should not harm the furniture in the short term or the long term or cause the furniture surface to crack or dry up at any point. Invest in a material-specific cleaner that will protect your equipment and protect your investment in many ways. [7]

The Salon Chair Guys' Salon Chair Cleaner 
The Salon Chair Guys' Salon Chair Cleaner is the only dedicated eco salon cleaner designed and proven to quickly and easily get hairspray build-up off nearly any salon furniture material. Except for suede and raw leather, whether your salon furniture is upholstered with vinyl, leather, fabric, or mixed materials, any hairdresser can use this solution to clean almost any salon chair.

Its effective plant-based formula removes dirt, inorganic matter, and product build-ups such as hairsprays, gels, and shampoo residue off any salon and barber chairs. The best part is, it makes the cleaning super easy and simple. Simply spray the Salon Chair Cleaner on your target area, let it sit for a minute, and wipe it off using a weblike sponge and/or damp cloth. It does not leave any residue, and you do not need a large quantity of it; with this cleaner, less is more. This natural salon chair cleaner is free from any harsh or corrosive material; therefore, it's safe for the environment and perfect for any green salon. It can be used daily to protect your equipment from product build-up that can crack, dry, and damage salon chair fabric and allows you to keep your salon furniture beautiful and looking brand new and helps maintain the chair fabric's color and luster. It adds value to individual hairdressers' client interactions as well as eco salon operations by beautifying and extending the life of salon furniture.

“Love your chair…it’s not just an inanimate object. It’s your silent partner, it’s your client’s safe space and sometimes the only therapy most people can afford. Treat it with respect and it will care for you and your family. Simple maintenance can prevent early failure, saving you money and avoiding unnecessary waste.”--Daniel – The Salon Chair Guys (Quote from Green Circle Salons Interview)  [9]

The Wrap Up
Having the proper cleaning products is crucial for any salon or grooming establishment. The right cleaners will help you maintain your establishment in a greener way without any harsh chemicals and protect the health of yourself and your clients. Add The Salon Chair Guys Salon Chair Cleaners to your green salon’s clean beauty practices to serve your customers the best. Click here to get the all-natural, non-toxic Salon Chair Cleaner for your business. 

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