4 Reasons Your Salon Should Offer Online Booking
4 Reasons Your Salon Should Offer Online Booking

One of the simplest ways to grow your business as a salon owner in 2021 is through online appointment booking. In a society where practically anything can be done on your mobile device, it's crucial that your business adapts to the times. If you're still not entirely sold on the idea of your clients being able to make an appointment for your services themselves, we've gathered a list of four solid reasons why you should change your mind.

Less mistakes, more organization
We're all human, and so is your salon staff. Between a demanding schedule and (sometimes) demanding clients, it's incredibly easy to make a scheduling mistake. Whether it's double-booking a session or simply booking one on the wrong day, it's bound to happen so long as all of the scheduling is done manually. 

The good news: When the majority of your sessions are scheduled using online booking software, the mistakes aren't as frequent. Top salon software offers online appointment booking that is optimized to factor in your stylists' working days and available hours so that there are no mistakes and no gaps or wasted time. You'll now have less mistakes, more organization, and additional time to spend organizing other aspects of your salon that need a little extra care.

No missed opportunities and less empty seats
If you've ever been in a position where you realize you need that last minute touch-up before a special event and it's too late in the afternoon to ring your local salon, then you understand the importance of accessibility. You aren't alone and there are a handful of clients that have been in this boat, wishing your front desk was open for business 24/7. 

The good news: With online appointment booking, you essentially are open 24/7. Although your client might not be able to speak to a staff member during dinner time, they will still be able to book an appointment with you. With some salon software, they can even prepay for it. Now you are making money without having to put in any extra effort and your clients are happier knowing that they can reach you so easily.

4 Reasons Your Salon Should Offer Online Booking
4 Reasons Your Salon Should Offer Online Booking

You're more accessible than your competition
As previously mentioned, offering online appointment booking is a lot like being open 24/7. There are endless salon and spa software's offering this feature, meaning that your competition in the beauty industry for "most accessible" salon has now doubled. 

The good news: Not all salons offer online booking yet. If you're leaning towards being one of the salons that does, you will be more accessible on a whim to clients searching for those last minute appointment slots. If a client is looking to make an appointment after hours, they're going to go book with the salon that allows you to do so. Without doing anything, you've gained a new client and jumped in front of a local competitor. 

Don't have to get rid of old ways
While most of us can agree that being able to book an appointment on the spot and on our mobile device without interacting with anyone is ideal, there are still clients that would prefer to have that one-on-one experience either by calling the salon or visiting in person. One of the main concerns from those that are hesitant about online appointment booking is that the clients who prefer personal communication will be left out. 
The good news: No one has to be left out and everyone can be satisfied. Offering online appointment booking doesn't mean that you have to discontinue accepting phone or in-person bookings. All this means is that you will now be more accessible to ALL of your clients, whether they prefer contact-less methods or not. 

Key Takeaways for Your Salon

  1. In a tech-savy society, it's crucial that your business can adapt to the constant changes. One of the easiest ways to do this in the salon industry is by being more accessible with online appointment booking.
  2. Four main reasons you should consider offering online appointment booking in your salon are that there will be less mistakes, less missed opportunities, you can eliminate local competition, and you aren't eliminating any of your old ways, only adding a new one.
  3. Offering online appointment booking doesn't just benefit the client. Without an entirely manual booking schedule, your salon will have more time to focus on other tasks.

About the Author: Lucas Renfroe is a founding partner of Salon.Marketing, a digital marketing agency specializing in the salon and spa industry.  Lucas also owns Roots Southern Salon, with his wife Susan, in Savannah, GA.  He works with other salon owners on a daily basis to overcome the challenges of leveraging Search Engines to generate more new clients.  You can reach him at lucas@firstpagelife.com.

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