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WELLA TREND VISION: A Chat with Philip Ferreira

Maggie Mulhern | October 29, 2012 | 10:39 AM
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"This is the biggest rush of my life," Philip Ferreira, winner of the 2012 Wella's Trend Vision Award, told me just moments after grabbing the gold in the coveted "Color" category. "It was a rush winning the national award...and now this....." Philip was beaming in the press lounge where he fled to seek refuge from the throngs of well wishers. Although he needed a break, I couldn't resist and decided to ask him a few questions. (The press lounge is NOT a great place to hide.) Although the lighting wasn't ideal (our camera is an IPHONE afterall!) you can still see through the blue to sense Philip's genuine joy.

In the first video, Philip fills us in on his color and cut concept (it's cool...has to do with photo negatives) and also gives us the secret to his special color formula.

The next two videos result from true serendipity. The first one following the Philip interview was taken the moment it was announced that Canada was bringing home the gold. I was sitting next to several Canadians, including Joan Harrison of Canadian Hairdresser Magazine, Jeannette Kier of Wella and Laura Dunphy of Salon Magazine. They did not take the win lightly.

The third video was taken as Philip and model Masa Lizdek took their last turn for their final viewing by the judges. I was setting up to make sure I got the United States (Matthew Hom and model Zoie McClouskey) and the bonus was that Canada had just hit the stage.

Congratulations to Philip, assistant Katie Sullivan and Masa. Oh...and to Joan, Laura and Jeannette....and to all of Canada. It's a rush for Philip and for ALL of North America.

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