Successful Membership Model Benefits Clients, Owners and Staff

Elizabeth Yong Colabello | April 17, 2018 | 9:13 AM
The President's Club Barber Shop co-owners Laura Aguilar (left) and Katie LaVecchia.
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The President's Club has 300+ members and growing.
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The staff at the President's Club Barber Shop specialize in short hair.
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Members at the President's Club Barber Shop earn a free service after their ninth.
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Members at the President's Club can get coffee and relax in the lounge.
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The President's Club Barber Shop offers manicure, pedicures, skin services and waxing in a barbershop environment.
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Membership has its privileges. The President’s Club Barber Shop in Millburn, NJ has found success with a membership model at its nearly year old barbershop spa. Co-owners Katie LaVecchia and Laura Aguilar are well-versed short hair professionals who previously managed other shops. From their past experiences, they discovered that for most male clients, their priority for a cut was when, not where. With this in mind, they devised a membership model that encouraged exceptional value and a high level of service.

The cost of membership is $38 per month which includes one haircut, priority appointments, discount on retail, loyalty program, Wi-Fi and other members-only extras. A generous return policy encourages members to try new products. The President’s Club has two price menus for services, one for members and one for guests. On average, hair, shave, skin and nail services are priced 25% less for members. Their loyalty program is simple, after 9 services, the 10th is free.

LaVecchia and Aguilar did their homework and found that $50 was the average price point for a haircut in their area. They reasoned that $38 was the “sweet spot” that created value. Their 2,000 sq. ft location has six chairs, lounge area, coffee bar, darts, six televisions and with the ability to add three more chairs to handle up to 1,200 members. They plan to build out when they achieve 400 members.

The President’s Club all-female staff like the membership model as they are able to build a rapport with the monthly clients and introduce them to other services such as waxing, color and skin care. LaVecchia says, “We are able to make men feel comfortable in a salon environment and they want a female’s input as they navigate new services. Plus, they tip more.”

- 75% of their clientele are members, the other 25% who opt out of membership visit the shop every four to eight weeks 
- 100% of members visit once a month and 30% of them book multiple services.
- 5% of the 30% booking multiple services book all available services
- 95% of nail services booked by members who were introduced to nail care
- They have a high conversion rate, usually signing guests as members on the second or third visit.

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