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Sassoon's Life Celebrated at London Memorial

Alison Alhamed | October 12, 2012 | 8:15 AM
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Annie Humphreys, swarmed by admirers and friends from Sassoon.
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MODERNs Maggie Mulhern with Tony Beckerman, one of Vidals last assistants and then the Director of Training, who ultimately brought the Sassoon method to the United States.
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Christiaan with Maggie.
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Attendees gather prior to the service.
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The crowd gathers outside of St Pauls.
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Fernando Romero greets Maggie.
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MODERNs Alison Shipley with Brian Grieve, Emiliani Creative Director, who will be conducting a tribute to Vidal at next weeks Emiliani event.
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The interior of St. Pauls Cathedral.
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The invite to the memorial service.
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The beautiful children of Elan Sassoon, Vidals son.
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Stephen Moody reflects on his life and career with Vidal Sassoon.
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The memorial program.
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MODERNs Maggie Mulhern with Kris Sorbie.
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Hairdressing royalty populated St. Paul's Cathedral on Friday, October 12 celebrating and remembering the life of Vidal Sassoon, "the man who changed the world with a pair of scissors."

The Right Reverend Michael Colclough, Canon Pastor, Canon in Residence, began with a touching acknowledgement of Sassoon's accomplishments.

Dear friends, we are gathered together in this Cathedral Church to remember before God Vidal Sassoon; to give thanks for his life and to remember his creativity, flair, generosity and friendship.

We remember Vidal's Jewish East End roots, where he knew deprivation and poverty, and give thanks for his commitment to improve the lot of those less fortunate than himself. We remember Vidal's gifts as a hairdresser and give thanks for his creatvity and innovative flair, setting people free from convention.

We remember Vidal's social concern and give thanks for his challenging of inequality and hatred, especially through the Vidal Sassoon International Centre for the Study of Antisemitism.

We remember Vidal's love of his family and friends and give thanks for his devotion to his children: Eden, Elan and David, his nieces and nephews, his wife Ronnie, and the many friends and colleagues he nurtured over the years.

There were so many poignant moments, including the beautiful blend of Jewish tradition, the personal stories shared by friends and family, and of course the beautiful setting that is St. Paul's. But most memorable was the emotional address by son Elan Sassoon--who shared intimate moments between son and father, and recognized Sassoon's impact on not just the hairdressing world, but in the way people look. Many women, even, in the choir at St. Paul's were sporting sleek, fashionable Sassoon bobs.

Speakers included stylist John Frieda, childhood friend Nicholas Vega and actor Jeremy Irons. In addition to the Sassoon extended family, the crowd was a veritable "who's who"--with industry attendees including: Mark Hayes, Stephen Moody, John Santilli (former Vidal Sassoon Academies Director), Anthony Mascolo, Annie Humphreys (former International Director of Color), Tim Hartley (former International Creative Director), Robert Lobetta, Christiaan, Brian Grieve, Kris Sorbie, Patrick Cameron, Antoinette Beenders, Fernando Romero, Tony Beckerman, Michael Gordon, Nicky Clark, Vivienne Mackinder, Jack Panico, among others.

On the back of the memorial program, a quote from wife Ronnie Sassoon, was very touching--it reads:

"We loved him well,
he was not ours,
he was not mine."

Experience his legacy now through our exclusive special issue on Sassoon's career and life. Also, read the many comments posted on our site earlier this year, as news of Sassoon's passing sparked an outpouring of appreciation from all corners of the professional beauty industry.

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