2016 Coaches and Consultants Guide: Strategies

Elizabeth Jakaitis | November 2, 2015 | 10:51 AM
Strategies Owner Neil Ducoff speaks at Strategies' Team-Based Pay Conference 2015.
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Neil Ducoff

Strategies offers salons and spas the guidance, systems and accountability needed to achieve consistent bottom-line profits, dynamic team-driven cultures and unrivaled customer programs. And we’ve been doing it for more than 22 years.

WHY WE’RE DIFFERENT: As the originators of Team-Based Pay, our focus is on growing the company—the brand, the culture, and the career opportunities of the entire team—unlike our competitors who focus on building individuals. Focusing on team vs. individual growth eliminates the “I/me/mine” mentality that so many commission and booth rental owners struggle to overcome.

HOW WE WORK: The Strategies Membership Program offers access to Phone Coaching Services, On-site Training, Seminars and Webinars for one low monthly fee. These services can be purchased a la carte as well.

CATCH US AT: On Facebook. All classes in Centerbrook, Connecticut unless noted: How to Set Drive & Hit Monthly Goals—Jan 17-18; Incubator Seminar—Feb 21-24 (Austin, Texas); Communicating Your Culture—Mar 6-7; Leading a Team-Based Company—Mar 20-21. See full 2016 schedule at

WORDS OF WISDOM: If you’re salon/spa is not generating 10%+ Net Profit AFTER you (the owner) are paid, your pay system needs to be fixed. Service payroll must live between 30% to 35% of Total Revenue (that’s Service + Retail Sales combined)—as it appears on your Profit and Loss Statement. Learn how team-based pay can control costs and pay everyone more at

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