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Salon Today | June 10, 2015 | 10:11 AM
Customize your Space Novvo ETOPA’S Roma Single-Sided Lit Styling Station with Trolley is a stainless steel structure whose sleek lines highlight the overall beauty of any salon design. An LED-lit mirror provides vital lighting while enhancing visual interest in a space.The accompanying Roma Trolley features a folding stainless steel tool holder, styling tray and storage drawers. Also available non-lit, and in both single and double-sided version. Station dimensions are 39” W x 18” D and 36”H. Available in various colors. SHOPPING TIP: “Don’t get stuck on doing all wall mount or all freestanding stations. Depending on square footage and overall footprint of your pace, sometimes doing a combination of wall mount and freestanding stations
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Step into the Glow EURISKO’S Halo Desk represents state-of-the art client check in with concealed back LED illumination façade and stainless steel accent sides. Offered in a podium and 6’ desk size, Halo is available in various laminate or lacquered finishes. SHOPPING TIP: “As front desks begin to disappear from salon design, position your check-in area at the rear of your retail area. Because technology is advancing at a rapid rate, choose a podium or small desk that will accommodate mobile devices, like an iPad. The focal point on entry has now moved from desk to retail.” —Leon Alexander, president of Eurisko.
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Luxurious Shampoo With TAKARA BELMONT’S Yume IXI, clients can experience the first-class comfort of lying back in a chair that gently envelopes the body. The Yume IXI also features a space-saving footprint that ensures an easy fit in salons of all sizes and a stylist-friendly design that facilitates the shampoo process. The result is a new concept in shampoo service that will delight customers and salons alike. SHOPPING TIP: “Size, upholstery color and overall client comfort are all keys to selecting the right shampoo unit, but one stands above the rest—always check for UPC or ETL approvals. Your dream salon can quickly turn into a nightmare if the units do not adhere to the proper code when it come times to inspect both plumbing and elec
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Back to Back FREESTYLE SYSTEMS’ new Back-to-Back Stations integrated dimming mirror light panels and clutter-free storage with elegant overhanging Freestylist Hanging Weightless Hair Dryer arms. The XS2 Station offers best-in-class SpectraLights LED salon lighting panels on both sides of the mirror, with light and color temperature dimming adjustability so that clients can see their true hair color in ‘daylight’ or makeup in ‘evening light.’ Tilt-out cabinetry and shelving cleverly conceal devices, plugs, cords and products. Rearranging the salon is made quick and easy with hidden rolling wheels under the station. Also available as the XSI Single Station option with single overhanging Freestyle arm. SHOPPING TIP: “Every year, we discuss
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Let’s Get Comfortable GAMMA & BROSS’ Hydrolounge is a modern-style pedicure unit which features a swivel chair, white bowl and ‘pipeless’ hydro massage system. Made it Italy, it’s offered in 32 vinyl colors and is UPC-approved for the U.S. and Canada. Modern style pedicure unit offered with a swivel chair and white bowl.
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Both Sides Now Inspired by its legendary Genesis Styling Station, MINERVA’S Icon Double-Sided Station takes the design that revolutionized salon furniture and adds 35 percent more storage space and a work shelf on each of the mirror panels. Embossed stainless steel sides pair beautifully with the carbon steel base and trim. Industrial, modern, and one-ofa-kind, Icon features 16-gauge carbon steel for unprecedented durability, stainless steel hardware, six storage drawers, two electric-ready appliance drawers with appliance holders, two work shelves and two cabinets. SHOPPING TIP: “A back-to-back styling station choice allows you to free up wall space for decorations, branding, and color definition in your salon.” —Rebecca Sinclair, Mine
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With a Side of Bling CINDARELLA’S Fauteuil Glow combines unparalleled comfort with high-fashion finishes. You can even add Swarovski crystals for a Paris, retro-glamour look. Let your imagination run wild with more than 200 colors that allow you to fully customize your salon. Style it up with the matching shampoo station from the same collection.
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Do the Color Wave BELVEDERE’S Colorwave Color Bar is a complete color storage system featuring two overhead sliding modules that provide greatly increased storage for color products, overhead storage with steel divider rods available in configurations for major brands of professional hair color. This unit can be customized to fit your space. SHOPPING TIP: “Today, color bars have become a unique part of the salon industry both esthetically and financially by bringing your most profitable service to the main stage by showcasing the professionalism of your service. Clients will be able to see the chemistry in action.” —Jaclyn Letsch, interior designer
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Lay Back and Relax RG SHAKOUR’S gorgeous Maria C Backwash Shampoo Unit features a white ceramic tilting bowl, laminated base cabinet, motorized leg rest and optional air massage. SHOPPING TIP: “Allow a minimum of 30 inches of space behind your backwash units. Check your state’s guidelines, some require 36 inches.” —David Osgood, vice president of sales and marketing
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Whether you’re opening a new salon or spa experience in your community or updating your outdated look, it’s smart to research the latest furniture and equipment to hit the professional beauty market. Salon Today is jumping on your design team, but inviting some of the country’s leading equipment and furniture manufacturers to preview their latest innovation, then invited their designers to share some valuable shopping tips:




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