Salon industry professionals are faced with the challenge of adjusting to the new normal. There will be necessary updates to address, processes to refresh, new protocols to follow, clients to reengage, and of course, giving the space a new interior design look.

While there’s a lot to be done, there’s no reason why reopening your salon business should not be a grand event. The more thought and care you put into prepping for your reopening phase, the more comfortable and confident your clients will feel returning. Make it an event to remember! You could also do a reopening event and invite just a select group of your VIP clients to see your new-refreshed designs.

Ready to reboot your business during COVID-19 pandemic? Here’s everything that you should be doing to come back stronger than ever before. A holistic approach is used as a COVID -19 interior design, which pays attention to health, hygiene and prevention of the virus. This incorporates color psychology, proper space planning, and signage along with messaging to create positive emotions for your salon.  

1. Set a strategy in your newly refreshed and designed space.

Consider what elements of design that protects the public’s health, including materials, distancing, physical separation, and interaction with objects. Lighting is so important to create the perfect balance of light for the stylist and the clients.   


Evaluate and prioritize your services based on which ones are the safest while having the most impact on your bottom line.  There is a need for universal clues for comfortable social barriers without being a distraction, obvious or non-approachable. You are able to purchase partitions or barriers between the styling stations. The partitions can be very simple in design, or have the salons logo on them. The colors of the barriers would coordinate the same colors and feel of the salon.  


If you can afford in your budget this is the perfect time to replace your flooring. The best flooring for a salon is the designer vinyl or a porcelain tile. Both floors are very low maintenance to clean and are also the most durable for heavy long-term use.  This is also a great time to repaint your salon. You will get a “bang for your buck” adding an accent wall of a new color. This is very inexpensive to do for the look that you will achieve. 


2. Update your signage in your salon with a fresh new look.

At this time you might consider a new logo sign as a new focal point to your salon update. Light boxes that use fabric for the images are excellent for advertising specials, or even a contemporary image of someone washing their hands. These unspoken messages are powerful and very decorative.


3. Update your image with give-away gifts for coming in.

Having a stylist wear a facemask and gloves. A great advertising tool would be to have your masks that you hand to your clients to have it color coordinated to the salon design and to have the logo on it.

You can give away small bottles of sanitizer with your color coordinating new logo.


4. Review and rewrite your annual business goals to include additioaln investments in your remodeled salon.

While November and December may have been a strong month for your salon, things are looking a lot different now. Take a moment to review key performance indicators, including retention, revenue, and obtaining new clients. If necessary, reset your expectations for this year You may need to invest into interior design elements to boast your business image and environment. A different and a wow chandelier when entering your space will give your clients something new to see and talk about your salon.

5. Sanitize and deep clean your space to make it sparkle.

Before you reopen your doors, utilize this downtime to deep clean and sanitize your salon. Also your consider hiring a sanitization company to thoroughly clean your business down to a microscopic level. You can also make other updates to make your facility more welcoming and aesthetically design pleasing for the clients. Add a new coat of paint on the walls, swap out light fixtures, and bring the outdoors in by adding some fresh floral to your space.


6. Get the word out that you have a newly designed refresh looking salon with COVID-19 as your priority to keep things safe.

Two weeks before your reopening, focus your attention on spreading the word that you are back in business. You can do this by adding a banner to your website’s homepage announcing the exciting news, posting an update to your salon’s Facebook business page, or texting your clients.


About the Author: Leslie McGwire™ has over 35 years in business development, interior design, equipment, furniture sales and marketing services in retail space, salons, resorts, spas, and jewelry-based businesses. Leslie has won 25 national design awards, including the prestigious Salon Today and INSTORE Jewelry Store ​awards. Leslie has a true passion for business, design and the jewelry, salon, and spas industries. Also, Leslie McGwire™ is a Social and Interior Design Influencer.

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