Get Loose Beach Waves with One Simple Tool

Summer-ready hair is all the rage, but sun and heat exposure is not. For client's looking to have iconic beach waves, it's important stylists are not only able to give them the results they desire but are also able to do so in a a way that doesn't damage their tresses.

Bio Ionic’s new GrapheneMX Collection takes the fear of heat away, thanks to proprietary, naturally developed mineral complexes that leave hair healthy and conditioned.

Los Angeles-based artist Stephanie Hodges has found the new collection to be a staple at her station.

The new line includes a dryer, styling iron and brushes. The technology holds a consistent heat level without recovery time, so hair is exposed to heat for a shorter time while creating a more uniform style. Boasting up to 68% less damage, hair is left healthy, hydrated and softer than before.

"When I’m working at the salon, I always want to send my guests off into the world with the cutest hair," Hodges says. "I always try and give them the best blowout that will last for days and sometimes add curls for that effortless beach wave that's done but undone."

In this video, Hodges uses the Bio Ionic GrapheneMX 1.25-inch curler to create stunning beach waves:

  1. To start, Hodges begins a great blowout, using the GrapheneMX dryer and brushes.
  2. Next she grabs her Bio Ionic Style Clips; "I love that rubber band that allows me to have grip but won’t dent the hair," she says. PRO TIP: For sectioning Hodges takes vertical sections, starting in the front. Her first section is from the top of the head to just over the ear. From there, she takes a horizontal subsection starting at the bottom and clipping everything else away.
  3. Using the Bio Ionic GrapheneMx 1.25” Curler, she wraps the hair in a standard ribbon curl. "What makes this curl unique is that I will wind the hair in the iron up to two rotations then unwrap it and stretch the curl," she says.
  4. Hodges then repeats this process, and makes sure to leave the last 2-3 inches of hair out of the iron to keep those ends straight. "This is the mantra I use: Wrap wrap, unrap, slide...., wrap, unrap, slide. Make sure those ends stay straight," she says."
  5. She then takes a horizontal section and breaks it into two sub sections. "Basically you want each section to be 2x3," she says. "Naturally you will adjust the subsection depending on the individual guests hair."
  6. Next, she Hodges curls each sub section as she clips up each section. Once complete she takes her next vertical section and repeats it all the way around the head until she reaches the other side. "If you want to vary your curls, you can wrap one curl toward the face and the next away from the face. You can basically customize the pattern  to flatter any guest."
  7. Once complete, Hodges says to allow your curls to cool and spray them with a light texture spray; separate the curls with your fingers.

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Originally posted on Modern Salon