Controlled Chaos On Shark Tank: The Inside Scoop

by Maggie Mulhern | June 18, 2019

Alanna York didn't know what to expect when she appeared on SHARK TANK in January of 2016. Would she get tongue tied and not deliver? Would she leave without making an impression? ORRRRR - Would she make a deal? \

Fortunately, York DID make a deal, with shark Lori Griener, the entrepreneur, investor and inventor. Both were thrilled with the possibilities and future of York's line of curly hair products, Controlled Chaos.

And now for the aftermath. Although it looked like good stuff was going to happen, the deal ultimately fell through. York, devoted to the professional, didn't like that Griener (also known as the "Queen of QVC") was going in a more mass direction. "I wanted to keep this line for salons and for professionals," York says.

MODERN's Beauty and Fashion Director Maggie Mulhern visited York in her Head Games Salon in Portland, Maine and had a little chit chat to get more of the behind the scenes scoop:


Alanna York on SHARK TANK (Courtesy CNBC):


York takes us on a tour of the Head Games Salon, Portland, Maine:

Originally posted on Modern Salon

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