What does it take to be the leader of a 2 to 10 salon? What drives these entrepreneurs and what can they teach us?

 We were intrigued, and we thought others would be, too. So, at our first Leadership Conference in Chicago, May 5-6, we’re launching The 2 to 10 Talks, intimate conversations and revealing stories from 2 to 10 leaders. These talks poignantly remind us that success is no walk in the park. It’s a path filled with challenges and only by pushing through obstacles, and fighting the odds, does true success result.

Here’s a few of the leaders you’ll meet.

 Adventure Personified

Van Council

Owner, Van Michael Salons

Van pushes the envelope and brings passion and adventure to every aspect of life from outdoor sports to business to family. Van grew up in the hills of Georgia and took responsibility for his own education, which is evident at his home with an impressive collection of books, all of which he’s read at least twice. Persistence, resilience and continued self- improvement are keys to his success.

 Remarkable Refugee Van Khanh Nguyen Karen Allen Salon & Spa

It took four tries, dodging bullets and hardships difficult for most of us to fathom, for her family to escape to the U.S when she was only 16. From an extraordinary beginning, she has created an incredible multi-location business and teaches embracing and overcoming adversity to her two sons and her team.

 Every Service Serves a Child

William Edge

Owner, William Edge Salons

He’s an educator and a multi-unit salon owner proud of his roots. His mother Judy, also a hairdresser, credits him for teaching her how to turn a job into a career. William opens up about his children s book, the importance of giving back to the community and teaching his team what it means to “serve from the heart.”

 The Four Franks

Frank Gambuzza: owner, Salon Visage

Frank Rizzieri: owner, Rizzieri Salon

Frank Westerbeke: owner. Gadabout

Frank Zona: owner. Zona Professional

These four industry leaders not only share a first name, they also have the rewarding and often challenging role of leading a family business. Each, in their own way, has defined what family business is about and they have multiple generations of proven success.

 Next Generation Leader Lina Heath

President, EvelineCharles

When I first met Lina, she was in her mid-20s and I was struck by her intensity and curiosity. She looks you in the eye, stands strong and peppers you with questions. Ten years later, she’s president of the company and is ready to usher this ambitious company into the future.

 And, there s much more. You’ll also hear the stories from: JUUT’s David Wagner who adds survivor as the latest chapter in his book of many accomplishments. Modern Salon & Spa’s Arsalan and Arezo Hafezi, a dynamic couple with a deep commitment to their team, their culture and their community; Lawrie Wallace, a make-up artist from William Edge who learned to transcend her fears and is well on her way to becoming a next generation leader; Gila Rut’s Keri Davis, who credits her success to partnerships and knowing when to let go, “stay in her lane,” and let others do their job; and Kaylee Diaz, a 23-year old stylist at Pyure, who showed what a stylist is capable of when she grew from $60,000 to $113,000 in sales in one year.

 *2 to 10 was created to gain a better understanding of the multi-location model, financials and business practices for salons/spas with between two and 10+ locations. The goal of 2 to 10 is to propel growth opportunities, drive higher profitability and create business succession strategies for its members. The 2 to 10 Project is the vision of Tom Kuhn, owner and founder of Qnity, an education and advisor company. To learn more visit 2 to10 project.com or qnityinc.com.


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