AS YOU PREPARE your business for a new year, it’d be helpful to have a little crystal ball in hand—especially for 2012, a year marked by numerous theories and ominous predictions.

Neill Corporation is offering it’s own forecasting tool with Serious Business 2012, held January 22-23 at the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana. The conference, themed “What’s the Future?” is lining up an impressive roster of speakers, from both within and outside the industry, to help owners and managers navigate their own salon future:

  •         Attitude Adjuster Geno Stampora helps salons and businesses worldwide refine their abilities for growth and success.
  •         Natural Healer Dr. Andrew Saul, author of the Doctor Yourself series, counsels thousands of people to restore their health without drugs or surgery.
  •         Responsibility Chief Carol Sanford takes a fresh look at what makes an organization truly responsible, then offers proven and practical systems for doing business so that your community, society and ecology are improved.
  •         Advertising Guru Sally Hogshead, author of Fascinate: Your 7 Triggers of Persuasion and Captivation, leads companies in discovering what makes them fascinating, then uses those innate qualities to make more persuasive marketing messages.
  •         Unparalleled Futurist Watts Wacker helps top corporations and organizations navigate the sea of change that is taking hold in the new millennium.
  •         Inspirational Global Hairdresser David Adams is a globally known and respected specialist in hair color, the former technical artistic director for Aveda, and the founder of the new color coaching company, red CHOCOLATE.
  •         Standup Philosopher Tim Freke is a lover of wisdom who is pioneering a simple, new way to experience a profound spiritual awakening.
  •         Challenge Coach Leslie Rice-Winterrowd advocates transformation and staff longevity by offering a simple approach to everyday business challenges.
  •         Entrepreneur and Early Adopter Chris Murphy is a financial analyst and consultant who also owns Maximum FX Salons and Spas, a leader in marketing systems and Internet lead generation through social media platforms.
  •         Leadership Compass Jackie Freiberg is dedicated to helping leaders create the best places and the best people who do their best work for a better world.
  •         Inspirational Innovator Scott Buchanan owns the renowned Scott J Salons and Spas and regularly leads seminars on benchmarking, front desk systems and measuring business profitability.

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