Getting to Know Jesse Linares

At this year’s Premiere Orlando attendees will have a couple of opportunities to get hands-on education from Sam Villa’s Jesse Linares, with their hands-on workshops, Leave the Length and Chops & Crops. We recently connected with Jesse to learn about what inspires him and drives his success. 

What can attendees expect from your presentation at Premiere Orlando?

Linares: Very “salon-able” information aimed at working better behind the chair.

What is the main takeaway you would like attendees to get from your presentation at Premiere Orlando?

Linares: Be yourself! This job is supposed to be fun.

What beauty tool/product, do you think needs to get more love & helped you completely changed the game?

Linares: Razor-cutting.

If you could have any celebrity as a client, past or present, who would it be?

Linares: Robin Olds, circa late 1960’s. I’d love to hear his stories.

What would you say is the best way to market yourself and build your brand?

Linares: Constantly be improving your craft, treat people well, and do good work no matter what.

Can you offer advice or tips to someone trying to get into the education side of the business?

Linares: Do free classes at your local hair schools. They’ll be delighted to have you, and you’ll learn if you really love to teach.

With talent/knowledge not being a factor, if you weren’t a beauty professional what career would you have?

Linares: Therapist

Do you have any passion projects going on currently?

Linares: I am attempting to get at least 6 hours of sleep per night.

Favorite Type of Food?

Linares: Anything but tapas. I want my own plate of food that I don’t have to share with anyone.

What is something that everyone is obsessed with, but you’re just not into it?

Linares: Television and Coffee

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