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Whether clients collaborate with their own hair stylists or go directly to Prose, they benefit from hair professionals’ expertise and algorithm-driven formulations for the most unique and essential hair care products. The Prose collection includes a custom shampoo, conditioner and hair mask, which are freshly made-to-order in NYC.

The brand is founded by a team with 40 years of combined experience in beauty, science and technology and includes CEO Arnaud Plas, R&D Advisor Catherine Taurin, CTO Nicolas Mussat and VP of Product Paul Michaux.

“With an experienced group of investor partners by our side, we’re thrilled to be able to build Prose and offer a true and unique salon-quality experience,” Plas said. “We’re reinventing the way that stylists retail products by enabling them to co-create the unique hair care solutions that their clients need. With Prose, salons and stylists can now grow sustainable retail businesses with made-to-order products that can’t be found elsewhere.”

The Prose Experience

Clients begin with a holistic consultation by their stylist or on their own on prosehair.com, assisted by a Prose professional, to assess scalp needs, hair goals, lifestyle habits and environmental exposure (pollution, UV, humidity, etc.). This guarantees only the most essential ingredients are bottled to effectively treat and nourish hair for long-term health. Each exclusive formulation also accounts for personal preferences, whether they are vegan, gluten or fragrance-free. Prose’s in-house team of chemists and engineers have sourced 76 highly effective natural ingredients and developed a proprietary algorithm that evaluates 85 data points to create exclusive, custom-made formulas with more than 50 billion combinations.

Prose is currently building a network of hair-obsessed stylists through its proprietary platform, and 1.2 million hairstylists in the U.S can now register on the brand’s website and download the app (iPad only) to join the community. After the consultation and answering all the questions, clients simply select order on the app, and the three products are shipped directly to their home—eliminating the need for inventory while still allowing stylists to earn a commission from the products they sell.

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