xostylistxo's Instagram post from June 4, 2017.
xostylistxo's Instagram post from June 4, 2017.

Whether it's pixelated color or more abstract, rounded shapes, hair color can be used to create various artistic effects outside the beloved balayage brush strokes we've grown accustomed to.  

Ash Fortis, known on Instagram as @XoStylistXo, posted the above photo on her Instagram on June 4, and within a few days, hair marbling popped up as a beauty buzzword across the internet. This wasn't the first time she has shown off her #hairmarbling skills, though. 

Here, Fortis talks the marbling color technique and how it's done. 

MODERN SALON: How did you dream up marbled color, or what inspired you to try it?
ASH FORTIS: I love exploring my creativity, and fashion and nail art are huge influences for me. 

MS: Can you explain the process of marbling?
AF: First you start with a Meche strip, add a layer of shaving cream, add drops of Pulp Riot hair color on top and use the back of your color brush to swirl them together. Take a slice of prelightened hair lay the hair directly on top of the marble and then put a blank Meche on top. Process for 15-20 mins

MS: How did Pulp Riot help you in achieving the desired effect?
AF: I love the vibrancy and consistency of Pulp Riot. 

MS: How can stylists use this technique on the everyday, maybe more conservative, color client?
AF: Sometimes, like my hair feathers, I use the marble just to accent what I am doing, by adding diagonal slices around the temples it offers and under lighting effect for the more conservative clients that want to explore hair art. 

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Originally posted on Modern Salon