Wahl education Kristi Faulkner at Premiere Orlando.
Wahl education Kristi Faulkner at Premiere Orlando.

Wahl educator Kristi Faulkner led a barbering workshop during Premiere Orlando 2017 called, “Think Like a Barber.” Faulkner’s specialties include custom design parts, precision bald fades, tapers and women’s tailored haircuts.

According to Wahl’s website, Faulkner first started out as a cosmetologist. When she began cutting hair at a military post, she learned to focus on her craft with using clippers.

“I loved the speed of getting through the hair and seeing the before and after results,” she says. “It was an instant gratification and helped me improve my overall performance and technique.”

During the class, Faulkner shared several tips. Here are some of the stand-outs to take with you back to your own salon or shop.

Attendees feel this a male attendee's freshly shaved face.
Attendees feel this a male attendee's freshly shaved face.

TIP 1: TRACE OUT YOUR DESIGNS! If hair is short enough with a #1 guard or below, trace a design with an eyebrow pencil and then go over it with a tattoo razor. “If it looks bad with a pencil, it will look bad with a tattoo razor,” she says.

TIP 2: STEP AWAY FROM THE WAX! With a V (like an undercut) use a shaver shaper for hairs on the side; do not wax hairs! Wahl’s 5-Star Finale is a great pick for this, as it was designed for men to shave their face with everyday and won’t cause bumps or irritation.

TIP 3: MOVE IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION! You can shave up and down on the face because the skin is used to it—plus, facial hair grows in all different directions. That doesn’t mean all skin can handle this. Only move in downward motions on the neck as the area is more soft and sensitive.

An attendee gets a fresh fade.
An attendee gets a fresh fade.


TIP 5: EYES CLOSED, PLEASE! Always tell you client to close their eyes so their hair line is relaxed. Look in the mirror and test this muscle movement on yourself—eyes opened=raised brows and more tense muscles near hair line.

TIP 6: SKIN OR NO SKIN? Ask your client if they want to see skin or no skin. This will help you know how tight to go ahead and do the hair cut. If they want to see skin, that means to go tight.

TIP 7: EDUCATION=MONEY! “Money is money; take it, all of it,” Faulkner says. Go to Wahl classes, show off your certification and your station, and see the dollars roll in!


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