Medical insurance is the single most important thing we need in life to cover us in case we get sick or just need to maintain one’s health. Most people don’t realize the costs of a simple operation or if you slip and fall at the salon or get burned using a malfunctioning curling iron and have to go to the doctor or hospital for treatment.

Health insurance provides you with an affordable way for you and the ones you love to stay healthy and get medical care when ill. It also protects you and your family from the high cost of health care. In some cases, medical bills can be financially devastating.

Most people don’t even think about health insurance when they are young and just graduating cosmetology school. The importance of understanding how to get it and why you need it is a major step. By doing some research and making good choices ahead of time, you can save time and money down the road if and when you do get sick. 

We all need protection.

We need to get insurance when we buy a car in case of a car accident. When you buy a home the bank requires you get insurance for the house in case of an accident or if the house burns down. Then why is that most American’s don’t have medical insurance for themselves and family. The same should apply for health insurance. If you are sick or get in some type of accident or get hurt at work you must have health insurance.  What you may not realize is the cost associated with a trip to the doctor or hospital can be much more costly than you could imagine.

For example, did you know…

  • The average trip to the emergency room for an adult is $700, that’s not including any tests or hospital stay.
  • The average nightly stay in a hospital is over $1500 dollars
  • Having a broken leg set with x-rays could be as much as $7500 dollars
  • The average cost of a childbirth are up to $8000 dollars and well over $12,000 for a c section
  • The average GYN visit is $150 without having and tests done.
  • The average Mammogram test is $750 to $1000.

These examples sound scary, but with the right health insurance you can protect yourself from most of these and any other medical bills.

Get the care you need when you need it!

The sad fact is that many people in the Unites States don’t have any health insurance and simply don’t get the medical care they need. That’s because they may be worried about the cost or just can’t afford it. It also may be they don’t have access to the best resources to find a cheaper more affordable health coverage plan.

One of the key benefits of health insurance is access to a large network of doctors and hospitals, as well as other handy resources to help you stay healthy. Other benefits of health insurance include:

  • Being able to find a doctor close to work or home.
  • Knowing you’re covered if you should get sick or hurt. Simple peace of mind is a good thing.
  • Being to have a physical or run tests when necessary to maintain your health.
  • Have the ability to get a prescription for drugs if you are sick.

Why health insurance? The bottom line is health is the most valuable asset of all. You can have all the money in the world but if you are sick what is all that money worth? Nothing!

 With a good health insurance plan, you can protect the health and financial future of you and your family for a lifetime.

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