Before and after images demonstrate the result of the Microblading 3D Brow Enhancement service.
Before and after images demonstrate the result of the Microblading 3D Brow Enhancement service.

Microblading is the art of placing pigment under the skin in fine, hair-like strokes to fill in the brows and mimic missing hair. Mindi Bergman, owner of GLOSS Beauty Studio in University Place, Washington has doubled her income with this new service which addresses a popular trend that clients are craving: bold brows.

Process: First, the brows are cleansed and covered in topical numbing cream.  Once they are numb, a starting shape is outlined for the new brows. “I prefer to consult with my guests about their shape, so we work together to agree on an outline that they feel comfortable with,” says Bergman. Once the brow shape is decided, a custom-blended shade is created for each guest depending on their natural coloring and whether or not there is a need to cover any existing permanent makeup. The hair strokes are etched into the epidermal layer of skin with a series of fine needles held together to resemble a tiny blade that is dipped in pigment. These hair strokes create a fuller, more defined brow. A simple application of triple antibiotic ointment completes the service. The guest will return in 3 weeks to intensify any absorbed areas and add details and more hair strokes.

Is microblading the same as tattooing?  No, tattooing is a permanent service. The pigment is placed deeper into the dermal layer of skin, making it a more permanent result. The deeper placement however can result in discoloration, fuzzy lines, and color bleeding.

How long do the “drawn on” hairs last? Do they fade over time?  The hair strokes are shallow in the skin and therefore only last around 2 years. They will require a yearly touch up to maintain their fresh appearance or if left alone, they will dissipate on their own. The fading process can be accelerated by more aggressive topical exfoliation.

Products used:  Organic and inorganic pigments placed under the skin, hand pen for blading, disposable single-use needle “blades,” triple antibiotic ointment

Cost: $450

Target market: Anyone who is dissatisfied with their brows. Bergman’s guests range from those wishing to enhance their brows and those requiring entire brows to be rebuilt.

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