SureTint Technologies CEO Elizabeth K. Christie
SureTint Technologies CEO Elizabeth K. Christie
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SureTint Technologies CEO Elizabeth K. Christie
SureTint Technologies CEO Elizabeth K. Christie

Who We Are

Via cloud-based technology, SureTint software acts as a personal assistant, capturing work flow and providing business insight and solutions to manage and grow color business. SureTint provides precise color and batch sizing, inventory management and reporting, and accurate, repeatable results leading to measurable savings and less waste. Because the software captures real-time data, it provides reporting and management tools never before available in the industry.


First Person

SureTint Technologies CEO Elizabeth K. Christie details the company’s newest offering and how it will change the way salons do business.


Smart Software

The launch of Mia (My Intelligent Assistant) is by far SureTint’s most significant and advanced offering. This intuitive, fun and portable software benefits owners, managers, colorists and their clients, who will love the precise, repeatable results. Mia provides complete insight into your color and chemical service business that revolutionizes the way business will be conducted in the future.


A Mission to Manage

The mission behind Mia by SureTint is to provide the most innovative software solutions for today’s professional beauty industry that supports artistry and provides essential tools to run and measurably grow your business. Mia changes the industry’s standards and ways of managing a salon’s most important service area. Mia software’s intuitive functionality consistently produces desired results, leaving clients feeling satisfied, excited and loyal to their salon and stylist/colorist.


Waste Not, Want Not

Mia’s specific color and batch-sizing technology means there will no longer be large numbers of half-empty bowls of color in the sink. This innovative software reduces overall waste, which benefits the salon’s bottom line, as well as our planet! Mia’s on-demand reporting suite provides insight into consumption, inventory, trends and more.


Getting to Know Your Color Biz

Mia is the first of its kind and is the only software that can provide positive and measurable benefits to a salon’s bottom and top line, as well as support their salon team and overall operations. There is simply no system like it. Who wouldn’t want complete insight into every aspect of their important color and chemical business? Mia provides specific advantages to owners, managers, colorists and ultimately their clients who have an enhanced salon experience with optimum results.


“Mia (My Intelligent Assistant) is unique software that provides complete training to salons, 24/7 access to customer support, online training videos and education material.” —ELIZABETH K. CHRISTIE


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