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Deep Blue Hair Studio

Brookline, MA



Owner: Sylvia Khalarian and Candice LaPann

Date of Opening: July 2013

Overall Style: welcoming, streamlined, fastidious

Square Footage: 670

Total Design Investment: $45,000

Number of Styling Stations: 4

Salon/Spa Equipment Lines Used: Takara Belmont

Furniture Lines Used: Circle Furniture, Joss and Main, Urban Outfitters, Boston Wood

Retail Lines Carried: All-Nutrient, Sojourn, Sukesha

Color Lines Used: All-Nutrient

Design: salon owners Sylvia Khalarian and Candice LaPann

Photography: Somerby Jones




1. List your three favorite features of your salon/spa design and explain why.

"Deep Blue Hair Studio is designed with the comfort of the client in mind. It’s bright, open and airy with lots of blues to promote relaxation. We also aim to mix the design up often with a rotating art collection and a chalk quote board that we update every 3 months. This way our customers feel a sense of comfort in the salon but also get to enjoy new features when they come in so the design is intended to be both comforting but also new and exciting. The lines of the studio are clean with modern design."


2. What was the biggest challenge about this salon or spa design, and how did you overcome it? 

"Since the Deep Blue Hair Studio is co-owned the biggest design challenge was to ensure the look and feel represented both owners, who personalities are complementary but different. And while this was a challenge, it yielded an eclectic environment that ensured the total was greater than the sum of the parts. For example, Candice ensured the paint color was the perfect blue hue and Sylvia ensured that the flow of the floor plan was optimized to enhance productivity and limit disruption to the client."


3. Who is your target market and how did you design this salon to attract that market? 

"Our clients are wide-ranging, but one thing they tend to have in common is an inclination to use technology to book their appointments on their own schedule. This online scheduling tool helps customers book off hours, on their own schedule. And we have found that this tool really helps clients eliminate one stressful thing off their to do list during the day. The design reflects the fact that we did not want to exclude either gender or age group. Very simple and modern, but once you walk in, you feel comfortable and the energy of the salon is very relaxed."


4. Which specific elements of your salon design were planned to enhance productivity and profitability? 

"The floor layout plan is designed to ensure that our stylists can work efficiently without disturbing the client and requiring them to move a lot. Since the space is open and airy, customers get greeted the moment they walk in and are taken care of right away. With respect to profitability, the salon booking system essentially eliminates a headcount through the use of technology and we have found that clients really prefer it to a busy receptionist who only works during the day. Also, the building of the salon was a family project, with help from local craftspeople right from the area."   


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