Jeff Grissler, Amazon Best Selling Author, Consultant and Educator
Jeff Grissler, Amazon Best Selling Author, Consultant and Educator

We have all heard expressions about “Time.” It seems we never have enough of it, or that we waste too much of it or we never put enough aside to do something that is important. On the other hand, time today seems to travel much faster. Why? Because of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Things that slowly evolved use to take what felt like an eternity before they would catch on to the rest of the world. No longer do you have to wait for innovation. You can be the trailblazer of a new hairstyle, makeup, color and or wardrobe just by looking at a tweet on your iPhone.

In today’s world if there is a fashion event the minute the first model walks down the runway with a new style statement it’s tweeted to the world. These new looks are shared with your clients. The minute they see them they are anticipating the next visit with you in the salon. Why? Because you can change them. You are expected to give them the hair and its various twists, color, turns, braids, extensions, waves immediately.

We’re in a moment where everything is instant. Time is only a word. Your clients want results and they want them now. The way hair is being worn, the conversation is quick and its results either lethal or delightful.

It used to be that clients would see a photo in a magazine or newspaper and lament for weeks before their next appointment about how they may look in the style, cut or color in the picture. They would walk in the salon clutching tear- outs of celebrity do’s from magazines. These pictures would take months to catch on before they became popular with the masses.

Today many salons and make-up centers are offering IPads to guests for referencing or browsing for new do’s to see if this can assist in hairstyles or color choices. L’Oréal will introduce a high tech way to figure out what lipstick and makeup will look like when you pucker up or smile. This app will convert your IPad into a virtual makeup mirror that allows you to try on 300 L’Oréal cosmetic products and see immediately different looks, colors or complete makeovers on their faces. Again “Time” is only a word. Instant is what your customer wants today.

Is this a problem for salon owners and stylists? Does your client expect too much of you as a fashion trend setter? I see the only test for stylists is the method they choose to identify these new trends as they evolve. The only way to keep up is through evolving yourself and keeping up with what is vogue today. Change is constant. Time is only a word. Education in your field is a must. The beauty consumer has changed in terms of what they actually want in a product and in an experience. The client is doing a lot of the research for you. What they see on TV, IPad, tweets, and popups is the look they want on their heads or face that minute or the next day. Things will not slow down and either should you as their stylist, makeup artist or fashion trendsetter.

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