The Business of Hair Color: Offering Multiple AppointmentsFor colorists at Spa Bleu in West Dundee and South Barrington, Illinois, going through the redCHOCOLATE training program two years ago has reshaped the way the team approaches consultations, says Heather Hazlett, director of operations. “Guests noticed the difference from day one, because you are coached to always give clients three color options with three different price points upfront every time. The system encourages conversation about the service, encourages conversation about healthy hair and the importance of treatments and makes it more comfortable for colorists to talk about price.”

During each service, Spa Bleu colorist uses the redCHOCOLATE consultation form, where the three options as well as maintenance recommendations are recorded and that form is scanned into the client’s file at the end of the visit, so those options can always be revisited if a client decides to upgrade to one of the stylist’s former suggestions at a subsequent visit.

As a result of the program, Spa Bleu now sells an additional $6,000 in treatments each year, and as a whole retail sales are up 15% per guest, and color service sales have jumped $15-$25 a ticket.

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