Jeff Grissler, Amazon Best Selling Author, Consultant and Educator
Jeff Grissler, Amazon Best Selling Author, Consultant and Educator

The Hair Salon is a reflection of its owner and the company image, ethics and ultimately its success are often completely in the hands of the salons employees. Therefore it's crucial that a sound hairdressing team is established first, regardless of its size. It goes without saying that the whole team should be well mannered, enthusiastic, dressed for success and reliable as well as being passionate about hairdressing.

Staff will encounter customers from all walks of life and the how they engage them and build utmost trust and customer satisfaction is the single most important factor in the salon business. Motivation, education and the process of offering 5-star service is the key to the salon‘s business and the employee’s success. How your salons encourages these fundamentals is through team meetings, and continued education in the salon.

When a salon has the basis of a strong team it can be easy for salon owners to sit back and watch the salon flourish and believe that the job is done. However, it is important to consider the long-term success of the salon and not to neglect the team helping to bring this success. Motivation, education and team meetings are important factors required to keep a salon’s team and business operating effectively. Thus in fact, this salon that you will be working in believes in these fundamentals and will enforce these business building fundamentals and continuing education classes.

As a working professional in the salon, it's important to stay informed about your company and your own job. In many cases, the beauty industry is in state of a constant change. In order to have a company and its employees stay up-to-date on the newest trends, products and innovations within the field is important, and that's why continuing education and team meetings is a necessity for many working adults.

The salon environment is a difficult place to set a schedule for education or team meetings due to staff and clients. Finding the appropriate time may have to be planned weeks sometimes months in advance.

The necessity for these meetings to go over scheduling and understanding of a new product launch with your distributer or your performance as an employee may have to take place earlier before the salon is open, after work or sometimes on the weekends. These meeting may be part of your job description and your attendance will be mandatory in order to continue as employee of the salon. Missing a planned meeting will not be tolerated and may be reason enough for dismissal from the salon. So, yes you have to be there and missing one will not be tolerated.

To enjoy the rewards of working in a successful salon an effective hairdressing team can bring the need for active involvement of issues and will assist you on your journey as an employee of this salon. Rest assured though that good planning and quality time invested in you will prevent many future issues and will assist you on your journey towards being a successful salon employee and having a wonderful career in cosmetology.

Team meetings are essential for better job performance because:

  • Product education is essential for understanding the use of products
  • Meeting are mandatory and are part of your job description
  • Missing a meeting may result in termination

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