Monday, October 28th marks the one year anniversary when Super Storm Sandy hit Brigantine, New Jersey. To bring hope to a community who is still dealing with the devastation from last year's hurricane, Makeover Guru, Marc Voci, Award-Winning Make-up Artist, Jimmy DeMarco and their Style Me Hired Makeover Show team have partnered with "Blankets for Brigantine and BrigStrong."

“When we found out that there are 500 families still in need in Brigantine and the surrounding area we wanted to reach out and help them,” says Voci. The Style Me Hired Makeover Show will surprise a local couple, Bob and Sarah Huff, whose home was damaged by Sandy with a complete makeover. “We found out that The Huff’s family home is still down to the studs. Unfortunately Bob and Sarah Huff are not alone, many families are in the same boat as they wait for their insurance and other programs to take effect,” states Voci.

The lucky couple will be surprised at home when the Style Me Hired Makeover Show’s Winnebago rolls up in front of their home. Then they will be escorted into the vehicle, which has a complete salon inside of it for a dream makeover. Sara and Bob's makeovers will include a haircut and new clothes. Additionally, Sara will also receive a make-up application. Then they will have an opportunity to network with Accu Staffing Services for a job opportunity.

"This is going to be an amazing day,” says Linda Nese, co-founder and CEO of "Blankets for Brigantine." “We are so excited and happy Style Me Hired Makeover Show is working with us to bring hope back to the area.” Linda and her "Blankets for Brigantine and BrigStrong" will be distributing portable heaters, blankets and other essentials to families that morning right outside of the Style Me Hired Makeover Show’s Winnebago.

“We are hoping our surprise makeover will shine a light on our neighbors who still need help,” states Voci. “It’s going to be an amazing day of Hope, Happiness and Healing for a wonderful community of people who have been through so much.”

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