Every month for the MODERN RESEARCH section, we are now providing the salon community with little bits of fun and inspiring information and quotes. See how many of these you know!

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Did you know...

1. “You can give an INSTANT FACE LIFT by just using bobby pins! Use a row of BOBBY PINS to sweep hair off the face to open up the eyes, cheekbone and jaw line. Pin hair in the right spot to give features definition and lift.” —Damien Carney, Joico International Artistic Director

2. “Just as a tree trunk has three main layers, so does your hair. There’s the MEDULA, which is the innermost lifeline that feeds the hair; the CORTEX, which gives the hair shaft its width and color; and the CUTICLE, which is like bark, it acts as the outer protective layer.” —Jeffrey Paul, International Hair Replacement and Restoration Expert, Modern Salon Blogger

3. “It is estimated that nearly 40 TOWELS per week are DROPPED during a visit to the beauty salon.” —Manufacturers at Sur-Cape.

4. “Using a NATURAL BRISTLE TOOTHBRUSH can help tame FLY-A-WAYS. Simply take hairspray and apply it on the brush, then gently brush the area where the fly-a-ways pop up.” —Mark Townsend, Celebrity Stylist

5. “TEASING THE HAIR in a rapid up and downward motion can cause damage. Instead, curve the brush inward toward the root and brush down gently.” —Sally Rogerson, Brushopolis

6. “The key to any SUCCESSFUL UPDO is the foundation—expand the texture (try using a crimping iron) to transform hair into a wool-type fabric for rolls and cushions.” —Joi Rooks, KMS California Artistic Team Member and Owner of Fresche Salon in Atlanta, Georgia.

7. “There are more than 974,700 SALON INDUSTRY ESTABLISHMENTS in the United States.” —A National Profile of the Salon Industry, by The Professional Beauty Association and National Cosmetology Academies.

8. “68 percent of women would rather GAIN 5 POUNDS than have thinning hair.” —2013 NIOXIN Survey

9. “More men than ever are visiting spas, 47 percent of all SPA-GOERS are male.” —The International SPA Association Spa Consumer Snapshot Initiative Volume Three.

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