School Year Promotion Ideas for Stylists and SalonsWhat are some examples of incentives salons can offer clients during the ‘back-to-school’ season?

“It’s not good allowing clients to push aside their services until the fall rolls around. That’s why we need to create incentives and reward systems throughout the year to keep a steady flow of customers in our salons all year long,” says Paul Chambers. “Many of our clients who have children have challenges in preparing them for the ‘back-to-school’ season. Why not make it more convenient for those clients—with one-stop shopping during this time of the year—by including the rest of her family! Here are a few tips to increase traffic, retail sales and referrals.”

1. Offer a group booking so parents can bring in their family for a family rate.

2. Extend a special ‘back-to-school’ offer on retail products when clients bring two or more of their family members.

3. Create ‘back-to-school’ beauty supplies in travel size bags for parents, students and teachers which also make a great gift item for any time of the year.

4. Offer a semester refresher promo on highlights or hair cuts to first time students and teachers.

5. Offer moms a ‘beauty after the madness’ promo. Have her bring in a neighbor, best friend or co-worker, to receive a scalp treatment with a free bang trim, or a facial with free polish change.

School Year Promotion Ideas for Stylists and SalonsHow can a stylist/colorist promote ‘back-to-school’ services to a younger clientele? What are some strategies for drawing in new and returning clients during this time of the year?

“August and September are when students are returning to school and adults are resuming their regular routines after a summer jam-packed with fun in the sun,” says Tom Porter, President and Founder of Malibu C. “Salon professionals need to communicate to their clients that ultimately, summer is the season that lends itself to the development of hair and skin issues due to an increased exposure to oxidizers (sun, wind, water), which for salon professionals makes it the best time of year to grow business by offering solution-driven prescriptive treatments, especially to the younger clientele.”

“In the same way doctors draw patients in the flu season, salon professionals can draw in new and returning clients at the end of the summer with add-on treatments. Be careful to avoid imitations of true wellness products, such as clarifiers, which use less effective reducing agents instead of vitamins or food-grade ingredients.

“Just as clients use vitamins to solve or prevent problems inside their bodies, salon professionals can also use vitamins and other food grade ingredients to prevent and solve problems on the external body, more specifically on the hair and skin.

“A restorative wellness treatment formulated with food-grade wellness ingredients that can be coupled with every in-salon service is the key to end-of summer success, and for drawing in new clients. Take advantage of your younger clients ‘back-to-school’ tune-up regimens (hair cuts, highlights, new fall color, etc.) by starting each and every service with a treatment that gently yet effectively draws out oxidizing elements that wreak havoc on hair to guarantee results and ultimately boosts your revenue.”

School Year Promotion Ideas for Stylists and Salons‘Back-to-school’ season is a prime opportunity for younger clients to ‘switch up their look.’ How do you suggest salon professionals get their younger clientele excited about changing their look dramatically, or even trying a makeover?

"The best way to get young clients excited about their look for ‘back-to-school’ is to make it fun,” says Nick Stenson, Artistic Director of JCPenney. “Find out which celebrity look inspires them. If it's a small change like a trim or a bold change like a cut and color, make sure make your client feels empowered by their new look. Even a temporary change like chalking can be a fun way to start the school year."

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