Michael Baker, Creative Director of Neill TSP, is making efforts to help beauty school students and new hairdressers with his "Second Hand Scissor Project", launched this week at NAHA during PBA Beauty Week.

"The Second Hand Scissor Project invites Master Hairdressers to pass on their scissors to the next generation of masters," Baker told Modern while walking the red carpet before NAHA. "Everybody is giving me scissors."

During the NAHA ceremony, 5 Beacon students were invited to come on stage to receive scissors from the finalists in the Masters category: Eric Fisher, Charlie Price, Frank Rizzieri, Ruth Roche and Dimitrios Tsioumas. "I can't wait to watch these young hairdressers get these scissors in their hands," said Baker, and then added, "It's all about cutting forward the energy because we can all lend a second hand."

For more information or to participate, go to the Facebook page: SecondHandScissorProject

Meanwhile, check out this 2 1/2 minute video to find out more from Michael Baker himself.

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