Jack Panico, owner of the Panico Salons in Northern New Jersey, considers himself lucky in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. "We only shut down for one day," he told me while sitting in his warm and cozy Ridgewood salon. "We did not get hit like other businesses or homes in New Jesrey. We were in a position to help."

And help he did. Jack opened his salons to the communities in Ridgewood, Oradell and West Caldwell where his salons are based. "Unlike so many others, we had heat and electricity. We invited people in to get warm, charge their phones or computers, rest, shower, get a blow out...anything."

Equally important, Jack opened his Panico Salon in Oradell to a salon down the street. "They lost all power. We are neighbors, not competitors. We invited the staff in to work out of our education floor. It allowed them to take care of their clients which was good for both the staff of the other salon and for their clients."

When asked if he has any advice for other salons out there, Jack says "Get to know your neighbors. Do what's right for your neighbor, your friend or even a stranger. Everyone does want to help and we are happy to have been able to be there for the people around us."

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