Super Storm Sandy left many areas devastated as it roared through the tri-state area recently.  Millennium Software, a NJ based company, is still trying to get everyone back on their feet.  “We are fortunate in that the ONLY thing we are dealing with are power outages and down phone lines,”  says founder and CEO John Harms. “Many people had their homes and belongings washed away.”  The company settled in the heart of Boonton New Jersey was without power, Internet or phone since Tuesday, the morning after Sandy’s wrath. 

Harms comments, “Once I realized my family and employees were safe I immediately took focus to our clients.  I needed a plan of action to support our thousands of clients around the world without having phone, Internet or power.” 

Fortunately, Millennium’s infrastructure allows their clients businesses to remain up and running even when Millennium’s office is not.“You never know what Mother Nature will bring and I’m so happy to say that even though Millennium’s corporate office was down, Millennium clients could function as normal,”says, Support Manager Andrew Clarke.  “Our immediate focus was getting back online to support these businesses.”

The 75-person employee company managed to assemble a small team of 10 to move servers out of the unpowered office and into an employee’s home.  “85 percent of our employees were without power and yet they still came out to help move servers and get on phones to contact our clients.  I can’t tell you how truly amazed I was," says John Harms.  The few employees that did have power opened their homes to those without power; warmth, a hot shower and a warm meal were the simple things they offered. “It was amazing to see the comradery of the staff coming together at homes to support our clients via live chat,” says Director of Operations, Matthew Scudder.

Today, Internet, phone lines and power are restored at the Millennium corporate office. All should seem normal but the fallen trees, 3-hour gas lines and most employees still in the dark make it much harder to resume completely as normal.  “I was so touched by the supportive comments we received through our social media outlets these past few days,” says John Harms.  “I am so grateful to be a part of this industry and I’mcommitted to giving back as much as possible.  There are millions of families in the tri-state area that are without homes, power, heat, food etc.  Please join us in providing relief to those in need.”

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