Beauty Goorus Consulting
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OWNER: Bonnie Bonadeo

Beauty Goorus Consulting Beauty Goorus is a consulting and coaching company that provides People Branding, Product Branding, Program Branding and Leadership Branding.

HOW WE’RE DIFFERENT: Be the influential expert whose reputation is recognized as the expert, leader and teacher. Be a Beauty Gooru!

HOW WE WORK: Our services are provided through online education, coaching and live programs. People Powered Leadership Training programs or Directions for Use are available in groups or one-on-one coaching.

CATCH US AT: Group webinar trainings in 2013, plus educator and platform artists trainings, such as the Stages Event in Spring 2013. Visit

WORDS OF WISDOM: Developing your brand and leadership skills is what will bring success to any person, business, program or product in the future. Don’t get left behind. Invest in brand development consulting for the emerging Beauty Gooru in you.

BETTER BOTTOM LINE IN 2013: Being a “mini-preneur” and collaborating with others is the future. Once you determine your personal brand, you can co-brand with any other brand.

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