Kevin Murphy, the Austrailian hair designer and product manufacturer (kevin.murphy), has been touring the United States offering a three day program covering trend and technique followed by hands on classes. His last stop for 2012 is taking place through Wednesday in NYC.

I stopped by the Westin Hotel in Times Square earlier today to see what was going on. "The Really Big Show" is quite impressive. In addition to an opening night hair show, Kevin and team demo some of the looks they created at the fashion shows held in the top fashion cities around the world. 300 salon professionals showed up to get tips on model selection, photo sessions, fashion shows, make up and style among other things.

We decided to do a little interview before the photo tip class. Although the room was supposed to be empty, the eager attendees arrived early to get the best seats. I asked if anyone had a question for kevin and several hands shot up. Rather than have me botch the question, I decided to invite each up to ask Kevin directly. In this video, Kevin offers an overview of The Really Big Show and answers questions from his grateful fans.

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