WHERE IT'S AT: Pageboy Salon & Boutique
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

OWNER: Dana Bannon

DESCRIPTION: Be among the first in Pittsburgh to get professional feather hair extensions! Individual feathers called Whispers can be installed alone or paired with Accents. Whispers are designed for a subtle look. Each Accent is a wide, individual feather ranging from 7 to 16 inches in length. They can be installed alone or paired with Whispers.

PRICE: $15-25 per feather

LENGTH OF SERVICE: 5-15 minutes

WHO PERFORMS IT: Hair stylists or assistants

PRODUCTS/TOOLS NEEDED: feather, hair extension bead, crotchet hook and pliers

HOW IT’S MARKETED: word of mouth

AVERAGE SOLD PER MONTH: “Last spring was when it was big, it was bringing in $2,000 a month, we’ll see how it does this year.”

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