MINDBODY, an online software provider in the health and wellness industry has just launched MINDBODY Deals, which allows the company’s 15,000+ subscribers to control the parameters of their social discount offers—from pricing to quantity to redemption limitations—all from within their business management site. The integration works with each business’s current way of doing business: their check in/out process, reporting system and automated marketing features.
“We’ve heard from our subscribers time and time again that the daily deals concept is great in theory—but in practice, it’s often a frenzy of new clients that strains their capacity to offer quality service,” said Rick Stollmeyer, MINDBODY’s co-founder and CEO. “MINDBODY Deals is designed to mitigate that strain, bringing a steady uptick in sales, not a disruptive spike in customer volume.”

The daily deals feature is included in MINDBODY’s business management software at no extra cost. Business owners create their MINDBODY Deal via a dashboard within their online management system. The offer is then automatically distributed to a network that includes over 500 daily deal sites such as Patch.com, Tippr, Dealster, CBS Local, Bill Shrink, and Rue la la – reaching over 80 million consumers.  
The feature also comes with automated reports that can track the success of each deal, which clients redeemed them and whether redeemers come back—making targeted marketing that much easier. To assist clients further, MINDBODY has locked in revenue share for participating businesses, eliminating the need for each business to negotiate their cut with individual publishers.  
“Our subscribers are busy; they don’t have time to negotiate pricing or to do the research necessary to feel confident that they are getting the best deal from these publishers,” Stollmeyer said. “MINDBODY Deals is a turn-key solution that’s easy to implement, boosts their bottom line, and helps them bring in new clients via a channel that is transforming the way consumers purchase goods and services.”

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