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Owner: Mark Donovan

Broderick Consulting helps salons focus on operational measurements, cultural harmony, leadership structure and development, and financial management. These aspects come together to allow leadership to set performance goals that can be measured and attained through short and long-term strategic planning that we introduce, facilitate, measure and support.

Why we're different: Whether a salon's owner runs the company by the numbers or not, Broderick Consulting offers strategies and support designed to help them maximize their measurements and results to fall more in line with their visions and expectations, and experience growth in sales, profits and market share.

How we work: While Broderick offers many ways to operate, the core of its business is a retainer relationship, whereby a length of time and a desired result are agreed upon and the salon pays an affordable monthly fee. Most activity happens at the salon location, with support offered through phone and e-mail contact.

Catch us at: We have dates for a variety of classes at our Experiential Academy, with more details on

Our advice: "In this recessionary climate, with a reduction of new client fl ow, it is imperative to maximize every salon visit from all remaining retained clients and to develop systems, protocols, coaching and counseling techniques designed to achieve a high performance team."

2011 wisdom: "With the federal government declaring that the recession is over, every company-small and large- must find its own way to begin its individual recovery, which will be different and diverse for every salon operation, requiring owners to be serious and committed to their next moves in these unique times."

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