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Business Builder Podcast (page 2)William George with Stacey Soble

William George, owner of the James Joseph Salons in Boston, talks about the importance of maintaining the right product mix in his inventory, as well as his process for determining when to add new products and let slow sellers go.

Business Builder Podcast (page 2)Deborah Schmidt with Stacey Soble
As owner of Mitchell's Salons and Day Spas in Cincinnati, Ohio, Deborah Schmidt is witnessing clients stretch appointments just like every other salon. Here,she talks about her approach for facing this with understanding and why it's important to keep loyalty strong for future growth.

Business Builder Podcast (page 2)John Moroney with Stacey Soble
As the leader of salon development for P&G Salon Professional, John Moroney explains why the Salon Business Success: Salon Owner Management Forum at America's Beauty Show is a 'can't miss' event for any owner who wants to focus on salon growth.

Business Builder Podcast (page 2)Eva Scrivo with Stacey Soble
Eva Scrivo owns Eva Scrivo Salon with husband Arik in Manhattan. Here, Eva addresses her successful method for seamlessly incorporating product needs into the service by focusing on

Business Builder Podcast (page 2)Jason Hall with Stacey Soble
With David Kafer, Jason Hall owns two RED 7 Salons, located in Chicago and Evanston, Illinois. Hall shares how their business kept sales strong during the past two years by incorporating numerous value-added experiences into each guest's service.

Business Builder Podcast (page 2)Frank Gambuzza with Stacey Soble
With his wife Belinda, Frank Gambuzza owns Visage Salon Spa Studio in Knoxville, Tennessee. Here, Gambuzza stresses why he thinks teaching clients how to style their hair at home should be part of the everyday service and not the subject of a special class.

Business Builder Podcast (page 2)Frank Gironda with Stacey Soble
As the president of Cosmetologists Chicago, Frank Gironda, who also owns the Frank Gironda Salons and Spas in Naperville, Illinois, discusses the importance of an association when it comes to building your own salon business.

Business Builder Podcast (page 2)Ginny Eramo with Stacey Soble
In Boston, Massachusetts, Ginny Eramo owns makes advanced education a top priority at her Interlocks Salon Spa. As her staff travel the world in search of the best opportunities, Ginny talks about how she shares those accomplishments with her clients, her community and the local media.

Business Builder Podcast (page 2)Reuben Carranza with Stacey Soble
As CEO of P&G Salon Professional North America, Reuben Carranza taps into key research findings to show us how understanding consumer behavior can helps salons design a positive experience and gain clients for life.

Business Builder Podcast (page 2)Bruno Mascolo with Stacey Soble
CEO of TONI&GUY Bruno Mascolo takes an emotional look back at the past year-from the excitement of selling TIGI to Unilever to the devastating loss of his brother Guy-and reveals where he sees growing next.

Business Builder Podcast (page 2)Peter DiCaprio with Stacey Soble
As the history-making Noelle Spa for Beauty and Wellness celebrates 50 years, owner Peter DiCaprio shares its ups and downs, from launching the day spa movement to the walkout and fire that shaped the company's course.

Business Builder Podcast (page 2)Susanne Warfield with Stacey Soble
Susanne Warfield, the executive director of the National Coalition of Estheticians, Manufacturers/Distributors & Associations, encourages anyone with an interest in skincare to help elevate the industry by getting involved with NCEA. Find out about the coalition's key initiatives.

Business Builder Podcast (page 2)Nick Arrojo with Stacey Soble
Celebrity stylist, educator and salon owner Nick Arrojo shares the details about the unique educational program that backs his newly launched line.

Business Builder Podcast (page 2)John Harms with Stacey Soble
John Harms, president of founder of Harms Software, shares the details of The Perfect Match competition for Harms Millennium software. Find out how to win prizes worth up to $13,000 simply by sharing your software love story.

Business Builder Podcast (page 2)Stacey Soble with Steve Sleeper
Steve Sleeper, executive director of the Professional Beauty Association, shares details of the merger between the PBA and the National Cosmetology Association, including how the marriage of the two associations promises big benefits to members of both.

Business Builder Podcast (page 2)Stacey Soble with Steven Goddard
Steven Goddard, founder and president of Pravana Naturceuticals, previews Beach Wave, the hot, surf-inspired hair service which delivers new revenue potential for 2010.

Business Builder Podcast (page 2)Stacey Soble with Adrienne Kramer
Adrienne Kramer, president of Mirabella Beauty Cosmetics, talks about why a cosmetics line is an important addition to the salon experience and shows you how to turn hair clients onto makeup sales.

Business Builder Podcast (page 2)Stacey Soble with Lauren Gartland
Lauren Gartland, founder of the business coaching company Inspiring Champions, offers some creative strategies for igniting your retail sales this season and beyond.

Business Builder Podcast (page 2)Stacey Soble with Todd Shea
Todd Shea is the marketing director for Aware Personalized Branding. In this podcast, he discusses how a personalized brand can help a salon differentiate itself in its marketplace and solidify client loyalty. Plus, he outlines the steps in launching your own branded line.

Business Builder Podcast (page 2)Stacey Soble with Geno Stampora
Geno Stampora, industry consultant, coach and the recipient of the 2009 NAHA Hall of Leaders award, advises salons on how to get involved in their own communities and within the industry to bolster business in tough times.

Business Builder Podcast (page 2)Stacey Soble with Bruce Tulgan
Bruce Tulgan is the author of Not Everyone Gets a Trophy: How to Manage Generation Y. He shares his top strategies for recruiting, managing, and motivating GenYers.

Business Builder Podcast (page 2)Stacey Soble with Sonya Dove
Listen in to Recovery Roadmap, a series of podcasts sponsored by P&G Professional to help salons thrive in tough economic times. In this first edition, Stacey Soble interviews Sonya Dova, Wella creative director and the co-owner of the Doves Studio in Santa Monica, CA.

Business Builder Podcast (page 2)Stacey Soble with Rochelle Mucha
Rochelle Mucha, Ph.D. is the author of Aesthetic Intelligence: Reclaiming the Power of Your Senses. For this book, which reveals how business and the performing arts intersect to fuel creativity and innovation, Mucha cites interesting observations from the salon she patronizes--Aria Salon Spa Shoppe in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Business Builder Podcast (page 2)Stacey Soble with Daniel Kaner
Daniel Kaner is co-president and one of the founders of the new prestige line, Oribe Hair Care. In this podcast, he talks about how the company worked with a fragrance house to custom blend the line's unique fragrance, which blends notes from Oribe's personal history and creates a unique link between the artist, the salon and the client.

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