Salon & Spa Services: Body, Massage

A cross-country look at the spa services that make menus sing.


M'Lis Body Contour Wrap

WHERE: Skin and Beyond Day Spa in Franklin, TN (
OWNER: Martha Revis
DESCRIPTION ON MENU: An all-natural wrapping process that detoxifies the tissues while producing an inch loss of up to 14 inches. It helps restore elasticity to loose and sagging skin, helps diminish cellulite and contours problem areas of the body. A series of 3-6 treatments are recommended.
WHY IT'S A WINNER: Clients like losing inches while detoxifying and controlling cellulite.
PRODUCTS USED: M'Lis body polish and internal products
WHO PERFORMS IT: Esthetician
HOW IT'S MARKETED: Spa's website and a weight loss fair.
UPSELL OPP: Retail products to maintain the benefits; our anti-aging lifting facial.
PRICE: $180

Salon & Spa Services: Body, MassageStar Skin Smoother

WHERE: The Spa at Shooting Star at Teton Village, WY (
OWNER: Shooting Star Jackson Hole
DESCRIPTION ON MENU: Restore your skin's softness and silkiness with a body polish and milk bath. This softening, nourishing body treatment restores your skin's comfort, hydration levels, and softness. Featuring Alchimie Forever, this treatment begins with a complete body polish to exfoliate and remove dead cells. A milk bath in the unique Japanese soaking tub featuring Helium body conditioner nourishes the skin while alleviating signs of aging and reversing free radical damage. Perfect for dry, dehydrated skin. It's ideal for combating the dry mountain air. Enjoy solo or as a couple.
WHY IT'S A WINNER: "The area we live in is known for the mountains and snow, which means high altitude, dry and extreme temperatures," says Sarah Hodges, spa director. "This treatment brings the skin back to a hydrated state and reveals healthy new skin while also protecting against the elements."
LENGTH OF SERVICE: 60 minutes or 90 minutes, which includes 30 minutes of massage
PRODUCTS USED: Alchimie Forever
WHO PERFORMS IT: Body worker therapist
HOW IT'S MARKETED: Spa's website
UPSELL OPP: The Secret Star Facial-also by Alchimie Forever.
PRICE: $150 for 60 minutes, $215 for 90 minutes (includes 30 min. massage).

Salon & Spa Services: Body, MassageSignature Elements of Nature- "Lake in the Sky" Water Cure

WHERE: The Spa at Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, NY (
OWNER: The Mohonk Mountain House
DESCRIPTION ON MENU: A clarifying and stimulating hot bath honoring the surrounding forest. It combines extracts of Balsam Fir, White Pink, and Pink Peppercorn with an uplifting Green Mandarin essential oil. Relaxing color therapy, your choice of music, and our iced elixir of the day relaxes your mind and body as you complete this Signature experience.
WHY IT'S A WINNER: "Mohonk Mountain House is located on Lake Mohonk. In local Native American lore, the word ‘Mohonk' translates to ‘Lake in the Sky,' so the name is an indigenous link to our property's history," says Barbara Stirewalt, spa director. "The treatment ingredients fit our spa's location-a natural forest preserve and beautiful evergreens surround us. The benefits of the ingredients are easy to communicate: detoxifi cation, congestion relief and an uplift of spirit."
PRODUCTS USED: Naturopathica Deep Forest Bath and Body Oil
WHO PERFORMS IT: Massage therapist
HOW IT'S MARKETED: Spa's brochure, website, and press kits are made available to the media.
UPSELL OPP: "This particular water cure is included in our Signature Elements of Nature, ‘Shawangunk Grit' Mineral Body Treatment, so that combination treatment is the perfect upsell. A client may also want to choose a Wild Lime Scalp treatment or Lemon Verbena hand treatment during the soak," says Stirewalt.
PRICE: $70

The Island Waters

WHERE: Spa Julianna in Plymouth, MI (
OWNER: Julie Van Ameyde
DESCRIPTION ON MENU: By combining the newest ingredients from France and an array of treatment techniques, an ultimate anti-aging breakthrough is unveiled. An active concentrate delivers firming ingredients deep into the skin from head-to-toe. Then a gel-scrub is applied, and over it we sprinkle a pure freeze-dried seawater powder to heat and liquefy the firming exfoliation. You are then thoroughly exfoliated to remove dull cells and promote active ingredient absorption; next you enjoy a jetted treatment bath full of anti-aging concentrate. The firming finale is a personalized facial masque, and your body is hydrated with a silky body milk moisturizer.
WHY IT'S A WINNER: "It not only feels good but smells awesome! We use both the vichy room and the hydrotherapy tub. Since it involves exfoliation, hydrotherapy and a mini-facial, it's a great sampler for clients who want to try more than one service but may not have the time," says Van Ameyde.
PRODUCTS USED: Phytomer Facial Mask, Seawater Powder and Gel Scrub.
WHO PERFORMS IT: Esthetician
HOW IT'S MARKETED: E-mail promotions; staff recommendations.
UPSELL OPP: Great with a massage either before or after. Some clients add a longer scalp massage to the brief one that's included. It can also be preceeded by relaxing and detoxifying in the infrared sauna.
PRICE: $170

Bootcamp for Butts and Tummies

WHERE: Soho Sanctuary in New York, NY (
OWNER: Helen Benham
DESCRIPTION ON MENU: This serious post-natal bootcamp treatment for bulges is designed to improve skin texture, stimulate collagen production, increase cell regeneration, tighten slack, spongy skin, reduce cellulite, ease water retention while improving skin elasticity.
WHY IT'S A WINNER: "The bootcamp is not only targeted toward women after pregnancy, it's effective for people who lost weight or are aging," says Julia Chan, marketing manager. "We exfoliate and use a mask that tightens the targeted area. This treatment helps people get rid of that ‘spongy' look, water retention and it reduces wrinkles and evens out skin tone. Our client's skin feels really lifted and refreshed after a treatment."
LENGTH OF SERVICE: "We suggest at least six treatments to see results, all at 60 minutes per session."
WHO PERFORMS IT: Massage therapist
HOW IT'S MARKETED: "Spa's menu, spa's website, and we were mentioned in Europe magazine," says Chan.
PRICE: $150 for butt, $250 for butt and tummy, $795 for six treatments.


The Athlete's Massage

WHERE: Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa in Tucson, AZ (
OWNER: Miraval Arizona
DESCRIPTION ON MENU: Return your body to peak condition. This massage, designed especially for athletes, combines intense, constant pressure with targeted Thai-influenced stretching to relieve sore muscles and increase flexibility. We use arnica oil, known for its anti-infl ammatory benefits, to increase muscle elasticity while encouraging muscle recovery and repair for improved athletic performance.
WHY IT'S A WINNER: "The Athelete's Massage is popular because many of our guests are out hiking, biking and challenging themselves," says Spa Director Simon Marxer Amahon. "It combines the benefits of massage and stretching of the muscles and it is a great pre- or post-exercise service."
PRODUCTS USED: Organic arnica oil
WHO PERFORMS IT: Specially trained massage team members
HOW IT'S MARKETED: It is marketed as a great recovery massage for sore, tired muscles and as a massage specially designed for athletes.
UPSELL OPP: Thai massage following day.
PRICE: $210
AVERAGE SOLD PER MONTH: 5 percent of total massages sold

WIFI Massage
WHERE: The Spa of Colonial Williamsburg in Williamsburg, VA (
OWNER: Colonial Williamsburg
DESCRIPTION ON MENU: Step back in time and enjoy a true getaway from technology! Our WIFI massage soothes and treats points of wireless sensitivity and overuse. This full-body massage includes a focus on your hands, arms, neck and shoulders. A soothing eye treatment relieves eyestrain.
WHY IT'S A WINNER: "The title of the massage identifies the benefits of the service," says Kate Mearns, spa director. "With the WIFI massage, we do a lot of work on the upper back, the shoulders, and the neck-the muscles that help with posture. We do an intensified massage on the forearms and hands, which tend to be overworked from typing. We also use an herbal eye pad that helps calm, sooth and relax eyestrain."
LENGTH OF SERVICE: 60 and 90 minutes
PRODUCTS USED: "An herbal eye pad, arnica massage oil-which is good for muscle soreness, and sometimes we use lavender lemongrass lotion."
WHO PERFORMS IT: Massage therapists
HOW IT'S MARKETED: "Our spa's menu and conference groups. When people tell us their specifi c problem areas, we may recommend this service."
UPSELL OPP: Facial, body scrub or bath.
PRICE: $120 for 60 minutes, $180 for 90 minutes.
AVERAGE SOLD PER MONTH: "We sell more WIFI massages in the winter months. I do not have an exact number but 60 to 65 percent of our services are massages," says Mearns.

 Massage Cupping Bodywork Therapy

WHERE: Armory Massage Therapy in Syracuse, NY (
OWNER: Melissa Heavener
DESCRIPTION ON MENU: Favored worldwide by millions of people because it is safe, comfortable and remarkably effective. Massage Cupping is a modern bodywork adaptation of the ancient art of cupping therapy. By creating suction and negative pressure, cupping is used to:
• Drain excess fluid and toxins.
• Loosen adhesions and lift connective tissue.
• Bring blood flow to stagnant skin and muscles.
• Mimic the rolling action of deep tissue massage without the discomfort.

WHY IT'S A WINNER: "Massage cupping can be used for a variety of techniques and reasons from relaxing to therapeutic," says Heavener. "You can do wraps and body contouring with it. It's great for people with fibromyalgia, athletes, and after intense workouts. The cups roll the skin in a much gentler way; it's a different way than using your hands. The service fits a wide variety of clients needs."
LENGTH OF SERVICE: "It's as needed. It can take from as little as a few minutes to an hour-it depends on the person's needs and the service. We work within tolerance levels," she adds.
PRODUCTS USED: "A light lubricant and oil for the glide of the glass cups; special facial cups (small with a squeeze bulb) and magnetic cups that we use on the feet or for reflexology," says Heavener.
WHO PERFORMS IT: Massage therapist
HOW IT'S MARKETED: Spa's website and word of mouth.
UPSELL OPP: Massages and body wraps.
PRICE: No fee. Usually recommended as an additional service for those who need it.

Thai Massage

WHERE: Ginger Bay Salon & Spa in St. Louis, MO (
OWNERS: Laura Ortmann and Jeffrey Evenson
DESCRIPTION ON MENU: You're fully clothed as your massage therapist stretches your entire body to provide a yoga experience. You'll feel relaxed and limber-as if you've had a yoga workout!
WHY IT'S A WINNER: "It's not like anything else our clients have had," says Ortmann. "The nickname is ‘lazy man's yoga.'" LENGTH OF SERVICE: 90 minutes
PRODUCTS USED: Aromatherapy oils
WHO PERFORMS IT: Massage therapist
HOW IT'S MARKETED: "We're just launching this therapy, so we have black organic cotton T-shirts to publicize the service. We also promote it on the flat screens in the salon and on our website," she says.
UPSELL OPP: Refl exology and headache massage for mind relaxation.
PRICE: $100, $15 of that is donated to Aveda's Earth Month initiative.

Aromasoul Ritual Massages

WHERE: Tyler Mason Salon Spa in Indianapolis, IN (
OWNER: Tammie Baker
DESCRIPTION ON MENU: A unique collection of rituals offering a deeply restoring experience for the body and soul. Discover the benefi ts and pleasures of rare herbal blends and healing modalities inspired by conditions and cultures of ancient worlds.
WHY IT'S A WINNER: "These massages fall into four categories: Oriental, Mediterranean, Indian and Arabian Ritual," says Baker. "They all use the scents from that area of the world, and each one offers different benefits. We recommend doing them in a series and in the prescribed order."
PRODUCTS USED: Comfort Zone oils, aromatherapy and incense.
WHO PERFORMS IT: Massage therapists with special training.
HOW IT'S MARKETED: Packaged for gift cards and special times like Mother's Day; introduced to massage clients by inviting them to smell the different aromas. "We also award a gift to the front desk person who sells the most," says Baker.
UPSELL OPP: "Exfoliation-we suggest a different exfoliant for each of the four rituals," she adds.
PRICE: $110

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